US Elections 2020: Analysing The Countdown To The World’s Biggest Polls

The presidential debates started off in Ohio yesterday, but turned out to be a battleground of more personal attacks than a professional face-off for both Biden and Trump

Raghav N

October 1, 2020

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The United States presidential debates leading to the crucial November 2020 elections kicked off yesterday. Televised live from Ohio in Cleveland, the face-off between current President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden was everything that wasn’t expected of global leaders.

The two candidates launched personal attacks on each other. These ranged from Trump accusing Biden’s son Hunter of being expelled from the military due to his drug abuse, to the former vice-president calling Trump the worst president the country has ever seen.

From social media to mainstream media, this was a clear display of the decay in the standards of political debates that the US especially, has seen for the past 60 years. The 90-minute-long telecast was a window for both the politicians to share their thoughts on six pre-decided topics. These included their areas of work, the Coronavirus pandemic, the American economy, the Supreme Court, election integrity and their take on the recent incidents of racial discrimination.

Viewed as the world’s most important poll, the first chapter of the campaign itself witnessed a 36% fall in viewership compared to the 2016 pre-electoral debates.

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