UP: Student Troubled By Molestation Commits Suicide In Pratapgarh

The domineering antics in Uttar Pradesh’s Pratapgarh killed a girl. A student, disturbed by manipulation, jumped into a village well and ended her life.

Jessica David

October 14, 2020

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In Uttar Pradesh’s Pratapgarh district, a harassed student was killed by molestation. On Tuesday night (October 13), Inspector-General (IG) also reached the village of Baghraya Police Station to investigate this case. He assured the aggrieved family that justice will be served to him and that those involved in the incident would soon be caught. Meanwhile, the Baghraya Police has taken Guddu Singh who was involved in the incident, into custody late at night. Raids are being conducted in search of two other accused. Fed up with the molestation, the girl jumped in the Pavasi village well, and ended her life.

Three domineerings from the village had been teasing her for about six months. The relatives did not complain to the police about what the locals were up to. The three accused entered her house on Monday night (October 12) and molested her. SO Bagheri Umesh Kumar Singh said that a case will be registered against the accused and arrest will be made. IG Kavindra Pratap Singh of Prayagraj zone reached Puvasi village in Baghraya Police Station area late at night. The incident caused a rage among the student’s relatives.

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