United Airlines Flight Engine Bursts Into Flames Mid-Air; Makes Emergency Landing

An engine of a United Airlines aircraft recently caught fire after failing mid-air and had to immediately make an emergency landing.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 22, 2021

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Although it is not often that unfortunate events take place on flights when they do occur they can be extremely dangerous and scary. Recently, an American aeroplane, its crew and the passengers seated inside endured one of the worst possible flight risks ever. A United Airlines flight’s engine was set on fire while still in the sky after it burst into flames before landing and the video of it is extremely scary to watch.

Watch the video here:

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Bad flight stories sound like a nightmare to most people, so actually going through one such instance could be even worse. Recently, the passengers of a United Airlines flight were faced with something similar. As seen in the video, one of the engines of the aeroplane caught fire after it burst midway in the air. The right engine of the aeroplane was set ablaze midair soon after taking off from the airport with parts of it falling apart and crashing on the lands beneath that the aircraft was flying over.

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After the engine below the right side wing of the aircraft failed, it got caught on a scary-looking fire which automatically led to the pilots having to make an emergency landing. Sitting inside the aircraft were terrified passengers who recorded the fire that the engine failure resulted in. Some of the passengers also filmed the emergency landing take place that followed, where they were all heard cheering with a sense of relief when the aeroplane succeeded at making a safe landing on the runway. While the engine bared itself with parts coming off due to its failure and the fire, several of those parts were later found lying in different areas of the American city of Denver.

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