UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock Makes Critical Statement Over India’s Covid-19 Variant

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the new Indian variant of COVID-19 will be dominant in the UK over the next few weeks. He deflected all allegations of the government being careless to the sudden rise in cases.

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May 20, 2021

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The UK Health Secretary made a big statement regarding India’s COVID-19 variant as he said that the older vaccinated people are safe from this version of the virus. Describing the current situation as “a race between the vaccination program and the virus”, he said that the new variant has given some time to the virus to work its way. Speaking at the House of Commons on Tuesday, he informed that there were 2,323 confirmed cases of the Indian variant in the UK.

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Matt Hancock while explaining the current COVID-19 scenario in the country chose to be critical of India for spreading the new variant of the virus. He told the House of Commons that evidence proves that the new variant, which spreads faster than the older variant, was from India. He informed that there was a 77% increase in the confirmed cases of the variant over the last five days. Even though it is believed to spread faster, early data suggests that the vaccines still work.

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Speaking about the country’s vaccine situation, Hancock informed the House that the public must be vaccinated to keep them safe from the new mutant variant. Meanwhile, people aged 37 and over in England are being allowed to get the vaccine now. The Health Secretary informed that the new variant is now prevalent in Bolton and Blackburn and has also been detected in some other parts of the country.

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Hancock went on to deflect all allegations that the spread has been due to the government’s carelessness. He informed that the sudden spread was caused by the people and not the government’s norms like not making the children wear masks in school or opening sports arenas. Unsurprisingly, the explanations fell short of satisfying both benches. The UK has seen the sudden surge mark around 16,000 new cases in the past week.

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