UK-Built Surgical Robot Versius Completes 1000 Surgeries Successfully

The United Kingdom has taken theit technological advancements a notch up with the robot Versius. It is a high-tech machine operated by surgeons performing minimal access surgeries.

Aditi Sharma

December 3, 2020

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The UK-built robot Versius has been hailed as a medical marvel. Versius has been created by Cambridge-based medical technology company CMR Surgical. This high-tech doctor robot has successfully completed 1000 surgical operations across Europe and Asia. Versius, a next-generation surgical robot, has been designed with a motive to meet the needs of patients, surgeons and surgical teams alike.

Versius’ articulated wrist and enhanced vision allow it to perform surgical procedures that most experienced surgeons may find difficult to execute. This high-tech robot has been making progress in minimal access surgery sector. The chief medical officer of CMR Surgical, Mark Slack said that several experienced surgeons may find it difficult to master certain surgical operations. He added that even in the United States, which is one of the most advanced countries in the surgical sector, there are only 50% of surgeons who can carry out minimal access surgery. He also shared the idea behind creating Versius that is to carry out more minimal access surgeries to help more patients.

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Versius has been operated by trained surgeons and it is a medium to conduct minimal access surgery more precisely. Doctors operate Versius through controllers that are similar to video game controllers. Versius was created in 2018. Its twisting arms are designed to mimic a human wrist. In November, the robotic surgical system was launched in a French public hospital. It has been deployed in various hospitals in the UK, Italy and even in India.

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Mark Slack mentioned that Versius is compact and people like the idea behind it. He added that they like the concept of the control, the precision and the accuracy that comes with this high-tech medical robotic system. Versius has a portable modular setup which makes it easy to move in hospital. This high-tech surgical robot cost around one million to one and a half million British pounds. The cost of Versius may hamper its adoption at various hospitals, however, creators say that its precision outweighs the cost as it eliminates the complications of surgery. Such high tech robots can turn out to be really useful during the pandemic as it reduces the number of people that would be present in the operation theatre, thus reducing the risk of contamination and infection.

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