UK Bans New Huawei 5G Kit Installation in its Equipments

Huawei equipment to be banned in the UK from September 2021.

Isha Khatu

December 2, 2020

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In order to phase out Huawei’s technology by 2027, Britain has now banned the British telecommunication companies from installing new Huawei 5G kits after September next year. The decision has received a lot of criticizing from the Chinese company. Here’s everything you need to know about the ban on Huawei in Britain.

UK bans Huawei’s 5G kits in the country

The UK government is now banning the installation of Huawei’s 5G kit installation from September 2021. Reportedly, a lot of telecommunication companies in Britain have been stockpiling Huawei’s equipment since summer 2020. The decision of barring the purchase of this equipment is being taken for national security concerns. The companies who have already purchased the equipment will be allowed to maintain it post September 2021.

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This means that any telecom company in Britain who have stockpiled the equipment ahead of January 2021 will not be allowed to use this for long-term 5G rollouts. China and Huawei have criticized the decision of Britain. Huawei said that they were disappointed that the UK took such a decision where the telecom companies will be fined $133000 is they broke this ban and still installed the kits after September 2021. Britain said that the Huawei equipment ban decision was related to concerns that US sanctions on ship technology could affect supply lines.

The new set of rules will be discussed in the parliament this week and how the law is to be enforced will be discussed. The Government is also encouraging small telecom companies and said that they would invest over £250 million to encourage their growth. However, competitors of Huawei like Nokia and Erricson have already picked up several contacts after the ban was imposed. The initiative taken by the Government to invest in these businesses will help to reduce the effects of removing Huawei’s equipment from 5G networks. It will also help in creating new open radio technology and National telecoms labs in Britain.

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Huawei had previously denied a lot of times when asked it their equipment poses security risks. The vice-president of the Chinese company Victor Zhang said that this decision of Huawei wanting to ban the companies equipment is more politically driven and not because of their security concerns.

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