Udhampur District Hospital Installs Face Biometric Attendance System To Ensure Punctuality & Accountability

Udhampur District hospital in Jammu and Kashmir takes an innovative initiative to ensure punctuality in staff members. The hospital sets up face recognition biometric system.

Mamta Raut

November 9, 2020

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The District Hospital in Udhampur has set an example for the entire medical fraternity by the installation of a face recognition biometric attendance system for all the staff members, doctors and paramedical staff. The decision was taken to avert the spread of the contagious coronavirus pandemic and enforcing punctuality of the staff to generate availability of doctors. This district hospital’s initiative in Jammu and Kashmir has created transparency and accountability to maintain records of all the health care workers by ensuring discipline and the locals of Udhampur has welcomed the decision.

The Medical Superintendent, Dr Vijaya Raina of the district Hospital informed ANI that the face attendance system helps in the prevention of COVID-19. Along with it, all the staff members have to mark their attendance through the system on a daily basis which in return will help them to remain punctual and dedicated to their work.

This would also ensure punctuality, availability of staff and better work culture in the district hospital. In order to ensure discipline and punctuality of employees in offices, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha had directed for installation of face recognition bio-metric attendance system in all government institutions.

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Ashwini, a local resident of Udhampur appreciated this decision of the government claiming that it will make the paramedical staff to be more regular.”By implementing the new biometric attendance system, doctors and paramedical staff at the hospital will become more regular.”

While new medical advancement steps have been taken by the medical sector, the COVID-19 cases have already crossed the 83-lakh mark in India. Amid this AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria in a recent interview with CNN unveiled that it will take more than a year for the COVID-19 vaccine to reach normal people.

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“In our country the population is large; we need time to see how the vaccine can be bought from the market like a flu vaccine and take it. That will actually be the ideal situation. Maintaining the cold chain, having adequate syringes, adequate needles and being able to deliver it to the remotest part of the country in a seamless manner is the biggest challenge,” he said.

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