UAE’s Amal Spacecraft Successfully Sets Off On Journey To Mars

UAE’s Amal Spacecraft becomes the Arab world’s first mission to the red planet.

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 20, 2020

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Less than a year after the launch of UAE’s first astronaut into space, the country has launched the Arab world’s first mission to Mars in the form of the Amal spacecraft. The oil-dependent country fired its rocket from a Japanese island and officially entered the race to rush to the red planet in which it will soon be joined by China. Amal, also being referred to as Hope, will land on Mars on in February 2021, just in time for UAE’s celebration of 50 years since its formation.

The launch of Amal was delayed a few times in the past few days owing to bad weather conditions. But the liftoff went according to plan this time around. It blasted off Tanegashima Space Center in Japan using a Heavy Industries’ H-IIA rocket. It carries onboard three instruments meant to study the upper atmosphere and also to monitor climate change while circling the red planet for at least two years. The probe will also beam weather images back to Earth.

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