Two Youths Made To Travel 80 KMs To Pick Up The Trash They Left On The Highway In Karnataka

Two youths from Karnataka were asked to travel 80 KMs in order to pick up the trash they threw on the highway.

Amir Khollam

November 6, 2020

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You don’t need to travel to different states in India to find people who litter and throw garbage around their vicinity. Throwing garbage around cities and villages has always been a problem in India which was also addressed by the ruling government by launching multiple initiatives that discourage people from doing so. In the past few years, there have been several instances where people littering on the streets have been called out by the locals of the respective area and the authorities. One such instance has now been brought to light in Karnataka. Check out the video below –

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While travelling on highways or on roads in general, it is a common occurrence to watch people throw empty food boxes out of their car. People do not like their own cars getting dirty, but do not think twice before littering their country. This disgusting act was seen being done by two youths in Karnataka, Coorg, who tossed pizza boxes out of their car window on the road. However, they did not get to go away with it this time around.

While driving on the highways, two litterers apparently threw out empty pizza boxes on to the highway. However, for their own bad luck, the pizza boxes also consisted of the bill which had the phone numbers of one of the litterers. The secretary of Kodagu Tourism spotted the empty pizza boxes on the side of the road which disappointed him as the Gram Panchayat of his specific region had recently carried out a cleanup drive.

The secretary opened up the pizza boxes and found the bill which had the person’s phone number. He called up on the number and asked the people to come back and clear the litter out. However, he did not receive the desired response from them as they refused to do the same. The number was then transferred to the local authorities and also shared on social media. The youths then returned to the area and picked up the pizza boxes, which was 80 KMs away from where they were located.

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