Two Huge Giraffes Get Into A Neck-To-Neck Fight; Watch Viral Video

A handful of videos go viral on the internet daily. But, the latest addition to this list is not a usual sight. In the video, surfacing on the internet, we can see two giraffes, who get into a neck-to-neck fight. Scroll down to watch it.

Jiya Chulet

January 6, 2021

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If you love to watch viral videos, which highlight the unseen side of any animal, the internet is full of videos from the animal kingdom. From cat videos to baby elephant videos, these adorable videos never fail to entertain us. This time the fight between two huge giraffes is grabbing our attention. The video clip of the two gentle giants fighting has us in awe. Scroll down to watch the video.

The above video is said to be shared by IFS officer Sudha Ramen. It is said that the video was shot a few years ago and was shared on Kruger Sightings’ YouTube channel. The caption, on the YouTube post, explains that this unusual and rare scene was captured by 48-year-old Walter Becker. Both giraffes, presumably male, used their necks to fight each other as it’s the most powerful and maneuverable weapon the animals have on their body. It is believed that these kind of fights between giraffes are very serious when they repeatedly slam their necks against one another with the intent to cause real injury.

On the Twitter handle of IFS officer Sudha Ramen, the video has garnered over 24,000 views and people dropped all sorts of comments on the post. A handful of netizens also put a spin of hilarity while commenting. A Twitterati asserted, “Fighting at the highest level,” while joking. On the other hand, a Twitter user wrote, “Such an incredible video”. “Each blow is deadly. Fighting spirit is also high,” wrote a third. “Rocking….. I never thought of Giraffe fight. Interesting!” commented another.

Talking about this fight, the caption of the video, shared on YouTube, has explained that necking in their world is the most violent and unpleasant experience they’re ever likely to engage in. The caption also informed that Giraffes also use head butts and the horns on the top of their heads, known as ossicones, in inflicting damage to the soft underbelly.
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