Two Buffaloes Get Fighting Close To The Road, Video Goes Viral On Internet

In South India, two wild buffaloes get into a dangerous fight.

Isha Khatu

December 2, 2020

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We often see wildlife videos on the internet and television that entertain us. Recently, a Twitter user shared a video of two buffaloes fighting with each other. In the video, they are very close to the main road and could have harmed humans as well. Take a look at the viral video of buffaloes fighting in a village.

The dangerous duel between two buffaloes in a village in India 

The internet is often flooded with a lot of wildlife videos. You must have seen fights between an animal and his prey like a lion and the deer or a snake and a rat. However, have you ever seen two buffaloes fight with each other?  Indian Forest Officer P Balamurugan P. shared the video of two Gaurs, which are also called Indian Bisons, fighting with each other, on November 29. The buffaloes were fighting very close to a road that had vehicles passing. If the buffaloes would have started fighting on the road it would’ve been a huge risk to them as well as the humans commuting with vehicles.

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The two buffaloes were fighting with their horns and pushing each other to and fro. They were growling while they attacked each other. A small dog passed right next to them and saved his life. Commuters stood away from the two and watched the dangerous fight between the two buffaloes and recorded videos.  When  forest officer P Balamurugan P. shared the video, he called it the Clash of Titans.

What is an Indian bison?

A Gaur, also known as an Indian bison, is a species of buffaloes which is found in Southeast Asia. The animal species are now nearly extinct and is said to be vulnerable. In 2016, it was observed that there are only 21,000 Gaurs that have survived worldwide. They are massive in size but are prey to tigers and crocodiles. The Indian bison does not often attack humans unless humans trigger them by annoying them. Just like buffaloes and cows, the Indian bison grazes on grass and also fruits and vegetables found in the forest. This animal species is extremely shy, considering its humongous body. But if they are made angry, they can crash into places with a surprising speed.

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