Twitter Places Warning Label On Donald Trump’s Tweet About Mail-In Voting

The micro-blogging site alleged that Trump’s tweet was potentially misleading and placed a redirection link for correct information on mail-in voting

Raghav N

September 18, 2020

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United States President Donald Trump continues to attack the mail-in voting system that has been adopted by many American states in the face of the Coronavirus. In a tweet, Trump said that due to the new and unprecedented massive number of ballots that will be sent to voters this year, the November 3rd elections will never be accurately determined, as desired by some people.

Twitter placed a warning label on this post citing that it contained potentially misleading information regarding the process of postal voting. A redirection link was also placed by the micro-blogging site for the user to see appropriate details on this electoral system.

Studies around the elections in the country reveal that the possibility of fraud in the process is rare. While 16 states require an excuse to vote absenteeism, the other 34 states allow any registered voter to request for a vote ballot this year.

Data from local elections reveal that Democrats are embracing mail in voting. In fact, in the 2016 polls, 25% ballots were passed by mail-in votes.

Public opinion polls currently show Trump lagging behind Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, though the gap is reportedly narrowing, suggesting a close race between the two. Some political experts also believe that the postal vote system will be used by Trump as an excuse if he loses in the upcoming elections.

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