Twinkle Khanna Is An Expert At ‘Insulting People’, Says Aamir Khan

Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna recalled some of the funniest memories of each other in a media interaction. See the video here

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December 31, 2020

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Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna are known to be good friends in the Bollywood industry. In an earlier media interaction, the actors had opened up about their memories from 20 years back. Aamir Khan revealed that Twinkle Khanna is really good at insulting people while Twinkle recalled an instance where she found Aamir Khan crying behind a rock. For all the people who are wondering about the fun banter between Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna, here is everything you need to know about it.

See the video of Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna’s fun conversation here

Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna were involved in a fun conversation where they recalled some of their memories. In the video, Aamir Khan poked fun at Twinkle Khanna for insulting him. He said, “Well you know all of us have different abilities, and Twinkle is really talented in some of the most amazing activities like insulting people. She’s an expert at insulting people. All through my life since I have known her she has just constantly insulted me.”

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After having a few laughs, Aamir Khan praised Twinkle Khanna for her intellect and sense of humour. He mentioned, “But it was really good working with her because behind this bimbette kind of exterior, there was actually this sharp person, who had a great intellect, and sense of humour and was extremely perceptive about human beings and I found that quite fascinating.”

Twinkle Khanna recalled a memory and said that she caught Aamir Khan crying behind a rock on set. Twinkle added, “Aamir had gone to the director to explain the shot and the director did not listen to him and this is Aamir. He is very serious about his work, he was heartbroken. And I was looking for him, where is he. There was this massive rock and he was sitting beside it and he was crying”

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During the same conversation, Twinkle Khanna shared that Aamir Khan also played a role in her decision to get married to Akshay Kumar. Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna shared the screen in the 2000 movie Mela. Twinkle had decided that she will marry Akshay Kumar if the movie flops. However, Aamir Khan had no idea about it but he shared that he was glad that he could do a minor role in her marriage with Akshay Kumar.

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