Tuzhat Jeev Rangala Webisode: Will Rana Convince Anjali That He’s Innocent?

In the latest webisode, we see Rana getting in touch with Anjali to prove himself innocent of the crimes he’s being falsely accused of.

Kedar Koli

June 8, 2020


5 min


Following the enforcement of the lockdown, shoots were brought to a halt including that of many of our favourite Zee Marathi shows. These TV shows were at an interesting point before the episodes stopped airing a few months ago. Audiences are now excited to find out what is about to unfold next in the shows. Considering their excitement, Zee Marathi has decided to telecast virtual webisodes of popular shows on its official Facebook and Instagram page. The channel recently released the webisode of one of its popular shows Tuzhat Jeev Rangala. The show revolves around the love story of Rana and Anjali, a small-town couple who are currently facing troubles in their life. Their relationship is in shambles as Rana has been accused of committing a crime and has been declared a fugitive by the local police.

Before you head on, rewatch the latest episode of Tuzhat Jeev Rangala here.

The story of the webisode picks up from where it all ended as we see Rana trying to call his wife Anjali to convince her that he’s innocent. Upon realising that Rana is calling her again, Anjali asks him to hang up. On the other hand, Rana confesses that he’s being falsely accused of committing a crime. However, Anjali is disturbed by the fact that Rana broke her trust by attacking Mohite. She orders Rana to hang up as she has already heard whatever he has been wanting to say. Rana tries to convince her but to no avail. Will Rana be able to convince her ever? Stay tuned to find out!

Watch the first webisode here.

In the second webisode, we see Barkat calling out Anjali from outside her house. Realising that Barkat is standing outside, Anjali invites him to come in. He refuses to do so and instead asks where Laxmi is as he wanted to give her the watermelon sent by Rana Da. Upon knowing this, Anjali gets angry and tells Barkat to take the watermelon away from her sight. Anjali says that she doesn’t want anything from Rana as the latter is the only cause of all her troubles. Barkat tries to convince her that Rana is being cornered by Mohite so that he could frame him as the accused. Barkat tells her to stand by Rana’s side as her support means a lot to the latter. Anjali disagrees to be with Rana until Rana hands himself over to the police for his crimes.

Watch the second webisode here.

तुझ्यात जीव रंगला । Webisode २।

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In the third webisode, Rana Da sneaking through his house to visit Godakka. The latter cannot believe her eyes to see Rana standing before her. Godakka realises that Rana has gotten weak and asks him to stay over for lunch. Rana confesses that since there is no one to look after him like Godakka, he has gotten weak. Godakka gets emotional and reveals that she can’t bear to see Rana staying away from her. Rana tells her that he will be putting an end to all their sufferings soon and asks her to calm down. Later, Rana asks Godakka to serve him lunch as he desperately wants to eat something made by her.

Watch the third webisode here.


Will Rana be able to prove that he’s innocent? Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

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