Turn The Dull Day Around Into A Laugh Riot By Watching The Best Of Gully Boyz In Adhirindi

Sneha Bale

April 5, 2020


1 min

The debut act

We are more thankful to Naga Babu than we could ever convey in words, for introducing us to Gully Boyz. This three-men lead comedy gang was introduced to us in episode five of the comedy show, Adhirindi. Saddam Hussain, Yadamma Raju and Bhaskar. They make you think twice with their comedy and end up ticking your funnybone endlessly.

While you sit down tear up with laughter, we suggest you start with their debut act. Saddam becomes a hyperactive and violent school teacher. But everything comes down to square one when he says the words that shouldn’t utter.

The 'Amayakudu' and his un-amayakatvam

In their third act, Raju and Bhaskar become the drunkards who also happen to be broke. They find their bait in an ‘innocent’ boy who shows them his real side after Bhaskar and Raju help him gulp down a few pegs.

That awkward moment when Bhaskar was a doctor

At one point, in episode eight, the Gully Boyz decide to do something crazy. Bhaskar, a doctor, sets up his camp in Saddam’s village. What follows are the members of this crazy village with their crazier problems. This makes the doctor go crazy, too.

When Saddam tries to host a wrestling match

Saddam goes to the extent of dragging money away from beggars of his village to host a wrestling match. Bhaskar tries to wrestle Raju and it ends hilariously when Saddam tries to provide the commentary.

A film-fanatic police officer's way of dealing with criminals

In the tenth episode, Saddam turns into a police officer who believes in beating people before talking to them. Poor Bhaskar and Raju become prey to his wrath. Just when the innocent boys find their way out, the police officer finds a way to torture them again.

The strange meeting with estranged son-in-law

Saddam acts as the head of the family, he also makes the most stupid mistakes, on which you cannot hold your laughter no matter how hard you try. Oh, you should also be ready to meet his ‘small’ son and ‘smaller’ grandson.

Kareena from Bollywood and Corona from China

Gully Boyz share their take on the current Coronavirus outbreak and make everyone laugh out loud. When Bhasker tries to introduce his old uncle to the pandemic that it is, Saddam mistakes it to be an actor, more like the ‘Kareena of China = Corona’.

Food-proof comedy is here to make your day. What are you waiting for? Let the binge-watch begin. Watch full-episodes of Adhirindi on ZEE5. Get Live Updates on Coronavirus Outbreak on ZEE5 News.

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