Tula Pahate Re 27 June 2019 Preview: A Goon Points A Gun At Isha, Can Vikrant Save Her?

In Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant is running out of time as Jhende’s men are hidden behind the pillars to finish Isha.

Manjiri Shete

June 26, 2019


1 min


In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant is getting close to Isha. He gets her tea in bed as Isha starts discussing her fight with Jhende. She fills Vikrant’s head with lies about Jhende. Vikrant gets agitated at him and decides to take care of the situation. Meanwhile, Jalinder calls Jaydeep to support Isha and take care of her. Sonya hears this conversation and starts fighting with Jaydeep. Jhende, on the other hand, has made his mind set on killing Isha off. He shows his men Isha’s picture as they follow her to the temple.

Watch the latest episode below:

The doctor tells Vikrant that Isha is pregnant. He is elated to hear this news as he calls Isha who is in the temple with Aaisaheb. Jhende’s men are hidden there as one of the men points the gun at Isha.

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