Tujhse Hai Raabta: Malhar And Mukku Have A Bittersweet Relationship And These Instances Are Proof

You will never find a bittersweet relationship like Mukku and Malhar. Even though they argue a lot, they can never see each other in pain. Here are some instances that will show you their love-hate bond.

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January 4, 2021



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We know Kalyani and Mukku share an unbreakable bond. On the other hand, Malhar shares a typical love-hate relationship with Mukku. Even though they disagree on many things, Malhar always jumps in to save Mukku. Here are 7 instances that will show you the bittersweet relationship that Malhar and Mukku share. Read ahead to know.

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1. Malhar accuses Mukku of stealing Kalyani’s purse 

We know that Kalyani developed a strong bond with Mukku after she helped get her purse back. But things got ugly when Malhar accused Mukku of stealing the purse. Since Mukku had the purse when Malhar saw him, he assumed that she was the one who stole it.

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2. Mukku insults Malhar by saying he cannot be an inspector 

When Kalyani reaches the spot, she finds Mukku and Malhar in an intense argument. She tries to pacify them but fails. Later, Kalyani tells Malhar that he misunderstood Mukku. But Malhar ignores her and warns Mukku that he is an inspector.Mukku starts laughing after hearing this and tells Malhar that he is not fit to be a cop.

3. Malhar breaks the pot to save Mukku 

When Mukku gets to know that Kalyani is searching for her lost son, she devises a plan to help her out. Mukku takes a pot and tells Kalyani that it contains all her answers. However, Kalyani ignores her as she is worried about Moksh. Later, Mukku trips and her head gets stuck in the pot. Kalyani gets tensed about Mukku. However, Malhar who initially teases Mukku later takes a hammer and breaks the pot to save her.

Tujhse Hai Raabta
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4. Mukku attempts to stop Malhar’s marriage 

Even though they argue a lot, Mukku respects Malhar and only wishes for his happiness. When she gets to know that Malhar is set to marry Avni, Mukku gets disheartened. She is determined to stop their marriage. So Mukku devises a plane. She gets a tub of water and sits in it with an idol of Ganpati. Kalyani is shocked and tries everything to get her out. But Mukku is very stubborn and wants Malhar to call off his wedding.

5. Malhar calls Mukku a thief 

Kalyani and Malhar notice a clan of ladies entering their house with pooja thalis in their hand. They wonder what is happening. On the other hand, Mukku notices a shirt in Malhar’s jeep and borrows it. Kalyani and Malhar enter the house and notice the commotion. Just then, Malhar spots his shirt on Mukku and accuses her of stealing it.

6. Mukku-Malhar’s quirky walkie-talkie conversation 

Amma keeps Mukku hungry and sends her to fetch some water. On the way, Mukku gets emotional thinking about her biological mother. She sees a packet of chips and rushes to get it. However, it turns out to be empty. This makes Mukku very sad. Later, she notices a police inspector’s walkie talkie and starts speaking on it. Unaware of the fact that they are talking to each other, Malhar and Mukku have a deep conversation.

7. Malhar gets emotional after he realises Mukku is an orphan

Mukku wishes to participate in a play but Amma stops her. Later, when she meets Kalyani she explains the situation to her. Kalyani who is very loving towards Mukku pampers her for the day. Just then, Malhar enters and gets into an argument with Mukku. He accuses her of lying and questions her upbringing. Mukku reveals to them that she is an orphan. This makes Malhar very emotional.

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