Tujhse Hai Raabta: Every Time Kalyani And Family Gave Refuge To The Wrong Person

Check out the numerous times Rane family has given refuge to the wrong people and how they betrayed them in future.

Debanjali Kabiraj

April 15, 2021



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Zee Tv’s popular serial Tujhse Hai Raabta stars Reem Sameer Shaikh as Kalyani and Sehban Azim as Malhar Rane in the lead roles. Kalyani and the Rane family has been quite kind-hearted and compassionate towards people around them and have helped them in times of need. But many a time this helping nature of the Rane family has turned out to be a source of problem for them. Time and again they have given refuge to the wrong people who have later created chaos and problems in their lives. Let’s elaborate on a few of these characters.

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The Rane family gave refuge to Avni when she was pregnant with Ahir’s child. Malhar even thought of giving the child his own name in the absence of Ahir. But in return for their love and care, Avni has just been a source of evil plans and problems for the Rane family. On numerous occasions, she has tried to harm members of the family and also take all the property that belongs to them. Even recently, she joined hands with Atharv to create problems for Ranes. Even after going to jail, her intentions didn’t change at all.

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Avni in Tujhse Hai Raabta
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Godavari was loved and cared for by the Rane family as their own. Be it Anupriya’s motherly love for Godavari or Malhar and Kalyani treating her as their own sister, Godavari has never been treated as an outsider. Yet she chose to betray the Rane family and joined forces with Atharva in order to disturb their happiness. Atharva brainwashed her into believing that she should seek revenge for her parent’s death from the Rane family. She was also the one who gave Kalyani medicines so that she cannot conceive a child. Although their plan was exposed in front of everyone and Godavari apologised for her mistake, we think she was another wrong person they gave refuge to.

Godavari in Tujhse Hai Raabta
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Recently Kalyani and her family gave refuge to Sunita who is a member of a drug mob but has showcased herself as a vulnerable woman who is a victim of domestic abuse. The Ranes feel bad for her and give her refuge in their house. In one of the episodes, in order to save Sunita, Kalyani commits a murder and it is revealed to the audience that he was actually an undercover police officer. Kalyani misunderstands him as Sunita’s abusive husband and commits the murder. Later Atharv gets hold of the corpse of the officer. Now Atharv’s involvement can create problems for the Ranes as he might blackmail them in exchange for the secret and Kalyani might also get arrested for her involvement. That is why we think Sunita is just another source of problem for the family.

Sunita in Tujhse Hai Raabta
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With so many kind acts of the Rane family proving to be a source of chaos in the family, the Ranes should be careful of the people around them. We hope they give more thought to the people they help in future and steer safe from such evil people.

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