Tujhse Hai Raabta 24 October 2020 Written Update: Mukku Exposes Aau Saheb And Pallavi

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October 23, 2020



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In the latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta, Kalyani and Malhar are worried since they couldn’t find Moksh among the homeless children. Just then, both of them receive a phone call from work. On the other hand, Mukku reaches near the jeep and borrows a pair of clothing from there. Malhar tells Kalyani not to worry. Just as he was about to leave, he notices that his shirt is missing from the bag. Meanwhile, Mukku enters the house for the prayers wearing Malhar’s shirt. She tries to sneak from all the ladies and reaches behind the idol. Mukku finds a jar filled with milk and gets happy.

Watch the sneak peek here:

Tujhse Hai Raabta 24 October 2020 Written Update:

Kalyani reaches home and is surprised to see the queue of worshippers. Anupriya is so thrilled to tell Kalyani that a miracle happened. Kalyani is perplexed and tells Anupriya that it’s not possible for an idol to drink milk. Kalyani gets into an argument with everyone. To prove Kalyani wrong, Pallavi brings up Moksh’s topic. Kalyani gets angry. Mukku overhears them and asks Kalyani if she is her mother. Mukku gets happy and thanks God for reuniting her with her mother. Kalyani is left speechless. Mukku reveals that there was a jar filled with milk behind the idol. Pallavi scolds her but Kalyani jumps in to save Mukku. Aau Saheb yells at Mukku and tells her that Kalyani is not her mother.

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This breaks Mukku’s heart. Mukku gets emotional of not having a mother and runs out. Kalyani follows her. Malhar spots Mukku running and stops her. He begins to scold her for stealing his shirt but finds her crying bitterly. They both start arguing. Just then Kalyani reaches there and calls out to Mukku. She takes Mukku in to change her clothes but Mukku refuses and then Kalyani recollects that Mukku’s Amma told her not to change in front of anyone.

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Malhar questions Kalyani about Mukku. On the other hand, Amma is worried that Kalyani and Malhar may find Moksh. Sarthak tells Malhar that Aau Saheb tricked everyone into believing there’s a miracle. He also tells Malhar that he lives with his wife Anupriya now. Sarthak asks Mukku for her autograph because she exposed Aau Saheb. Aau Saheb yells at Mukku and tells Kalyani to throw her out. But Kalyani gets angry and tells her that will feed Mukku first and then drop her home. Amma looks everywhere for Mukku but doesn’t find her. Meanwhile, Kalyani and Mukku share a good time together. Kalyani receives a phone call and gets busy talking. Just then Pallavi scolds Mukku and tells her about Moksh. Mukku asks Kalyani about her lost child.

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