Kamli Ishq Di: The Comic Banter Between Lucky And Sundi That We Totally Enjoyed


June 29, 2020


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The Matter of The Kachha


 Kamli Ishq Di has already given us stars like Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) and Mahi (Shehnaz Saher), and they have brought us scintillating debuts like Mehakdeep Singh who plays the baddie Lucky. Lucky is always accompanied by his loyal chamcha Sundi (Deepak Upadhyay). Inn dono ki angrezi ka kya kehnaHere we are with a list of the funny banter between Lucky and Sundi.

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Here, Sundi comes to his ustaad’s house and sees Lucky washing his undergarments. When Sundi asks him why he is doing so, Lucky says that even though he is the Sarpanch’s son, he has to wash his kachha himself. Lucky says that his mother scolds him for burdening the house help with such tasks if he asks her to get it done by the maid.

Don’t Act Smart With Lucky


Lucky wants Deshveer to become his bodyguard, for which he has had a uniform made. Lucky orders Sundi to find Deshveer and convince him to become his protector. Sundi tries to crack a joke with Lucky. Lucky gets angry. He points a gun at Sundi and tells him to stay in his limits. Scary!

The Kutaai Talks


Lucky and Sundi are after Deshveer’s life. They can’t bear to see him doing well or living his life peacefully. Sundi tries to spread rumours about Deshveer, due to which poor Deshveer is fired on the first day of his new job. An angry Deshveer beats up Sundi, who runs back to his master, Lucky. Here, Lucky is trying to console Sundi and promising to avenge his friend’s humiliation.

Only Sundi Can Handle Lucky


Here, Lucky is drunk and cursing at Mahi for insulting him. Lucky smashes a bottle before Sundi in anger. He tells Sundi that he will take revenge upon her. Sundi hears Lucky out and encourages him to express his hatred rather than bottling it up. “Aaj sab maaf hai,”  is what Sundi tells Lucky.

The Loony Duo


There is no doubt that Lucky and Sundi make one goofy pair. Like Mahi says, they are made for each other. Here, Sundi has handed Deshveer the bodyguard’s uniform with a list of his duties. Lucky tells Sundi that he has become a ‘For-Fund-Tell-Her’ for Deshveer. Sundi corrects him, asking if he means ‘fortune teller.’

Bas Sundi hi samajh sakta hai Lucky ko. Share your views about Lucky and Sundi in the comment section below.

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