Tu Patang Main Dor Spoiler: Amandeep Lies To His Mother And Zarina Gets Into Major Trouble!

Amandeep and Farooq cross paths, which puts Zarina into trouble! Read on to know what lies ahead in Tu Patang Main Dor.


July 28, 2020


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We can run from ourselves, but not from our destiny. The Zee Punjabi series Tu Patang Main Dor proves that true love can overcome all obstacles. Amandeep (Rohit Handa) reaches Pakistan, but what happens when Zarina (Chetna Singh) gets to know about it? The plot of the series is about to take an entertaining turn. Read on to get an interesting spoiler from the upcoming episode.

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Amandeep’s Family Faces Jagtaar’s Wrath

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Before coming to Pakistan, Amandeep helps Loveleen (Surinderjit Kaur) to elope with her lover Manpreet. Jagtaar Singh and others believe that Amandeep is behind this, and Amandeep’s mother Amrit is heavily berated for it. Amandeep calls his home and Amrit confronts him about Loveleen. Amandeep denies his involvement and Amrit heaves a sigh of relief. Amandeep cries as his family has to face all this trouble because of him.

Jagtaar And Rajwant Are Plotting Something Evil 

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From the moment Jagtaar gets to know that Amandeep has left for Pakistan, he keeps the secret hidden from the villagers, planning to use Amandeep for his shady dealings. He informs Taufiq that he has sent someone to collect the mithaai from him. Taufiq arranges for an ISD at Jagtaar’s house. Amandeep’s father, Diyal (Satnam Kang) suspects Jagtaar’s moves, and he asks Surjan to keep a close watch on the father-son duo.

The Confrontation Of Zarina’s Past And Future

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Amandeep visits a Dargah to get more information about Ilma. There, he meets Zarina’s future husband, Farooq. Zarina recognises Amandeep and is surprised to see him here. Farooq and Amandeep become friends and this creates more difficulty for Zarina.

The Awkward Silence

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Yeah! this is what happens when your past and future collide. Farooq gives Amandeep a lift to his destination. Zarina turns cold as she fears that Amandeep might recognise her or he might get to know her name from Farooq.

We have more to share, but we will keep a lid on it so that you can enjoy it on TV! A lot of things will happen when Zarina sees Amandeep. Watch the show and let us know your views in the comment section below.

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