Tu Patang Main Dor RECAP: The Stars Align For Amandeep And Zarina To Meet

We know you can’t wait to see Amandeep and Zarina back on screen. Before you watch the new episodes, here’s a recap of Tu Patang Main Dor’s story.


July 9, 2020


4 min


Zee Punjabi is bringing back entertainment in our lives. Your favourite shows are ready to entertain you with emotions, comedy, drama, and tragedy. Speaking about drama, who can forget the story of Amandeep (Rohit Handa) and Zarina (Chetna Singh)? Tu Patang Main Dor will continue to dazzle you from July 13. If you have forgotten what happened in the previous episodes, don’t worry. We are here to give you a quick recap of the story.

You can watch the last episode of Tu Patang Main Dor here:

Diyal Singh Is Ready To Send Amandeep To Pakistan

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Amandeep’s uncle Kirpal Singh (Sunny Gill Ambersariya) gets injured and suffers trauma. Kirpal wishes to get united with his long-lost love, Ilma. Amandeep always wanted to help his uncle. Finally, his father and Kirpal’s younger brother Diyal (Satnam Kang) agrees to send Amandeep to Pakistan to get Ilma. Now they plan a scheme which will help Amandeep secure a visa for Pakistan.

Amandeep And Surjan Help Loveleen 

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Amandeep loves helping people and he can’t see two lovers being separated at any cost. Amandeep and Surjan’s friend Loveleen loves Manpreet, but Loveleen’s father, Jagtaar, her brother, Rajwant (Ganni Shergill) arrange her marriage into another family. Loveleen’s father and brother happen to be Amandeep’s family’s biggest rivals, but Loveleen still asks for Amandeep’s help. So Surjan and Amandeep plan a trick on the day of Loveleen’s engagement. Surjan and Manpreet enter Loveleen’s house disguised as women. Amandeep keeps Jagtaar and Rajwant busy with other guests, while Loveleen exchanges rings with Manpreet!

Zarina Ignores Amandeep

Chetna Singh as Zarina (Source: ZEE5)

Zarina decides to ignore Amandeep. Zarina’s marriage is arranged with Farooq and she doesn’t want her equation with Amandeep to affect her future. Zarina also tries to help her father Naseer (Pawan Dhiman) in their ongoing financial crisis. She approaches a tailor and asks to work for him. The tailor tells her that there was a job of making 500 embroidered dupattas, but he has given this to someone else. Actually, the tailor has given this opportunity to Amandeep, who is using it to get his visa to Pakistan.

Amandeep Loses The Opportunity To Zarina 

Satnam Kang and Rohit Handa (Source: ZEE5)

In a strange twist of fate, Amandeep loses the opportunity of making embroidery dupattas to Zarina. Amandeep’s final products get damaged by rats, and when he tells this to the tailor, he passes the opportunity on to Zarina. Amandeep manages to collect funds and labour to make new dupattas, but he is disappointed hearing that he has lost the opportunity. However, Diyal proposes that Amandeep should provide dupattas to the tailor for free, and that’s how Amandeep finds a ray of hope again.

Now that we have told you what happened, check out a glimpse of the future! Share your views about Tu Patang Main Dor in the comment section below.

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