Tu Patang Main Dor: 4 Reasons Why Zarina’s Stepbrother Jaffar Is As Bad As His Mother


May 27, 2020


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1. Jaffar acts oversmart

A mother is one of the biggest influencers in a child’s life. A child always looks up to his/her mother and she directly or indirectly inspires the kid. If a child sees that her mother treats everyone with love and care, the child will also give love to others. And if the child’s mother is setting a wrong example in front of them, then it will get reflected in the child’s personality. The Zee Punjabi serial Tu Patang Main Dor‘s Zarina’s (played by Chetna Singh) biggest obstacle in life is her stepmother Jamila (played by Anjali Sharma). However, the obstacle has an extension in the form of a son, Jaffar (Manav). Jamila has already made Zarina’s life tough, and then with Jaffar, the stress levels have gone much high. We list down all the reasons why Jaffar is just as insufferable as his mother.

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The most annoying fact about Jaffar is that he is an overly smart, overconfident, mischievous and stubborn child. Being mischievous is not a crime, but being a prick is. Whenever Jamila and Nasser (Pawan Dhiman) go out, Jamila rudely instructs Zarina to look after him and not let him wander outside. But as soon as they leave, Jaffar picks up his cricket kit to go out and play. Whenever Zarina tries to stop him, he mocks her and leaves even without telling her where he is going. You would really get angry if you see the way Jaffar treats his sister.

2. He likes to watch Zarina suffer

Another thing that irks us about Jaffar is that he loves to watch Zarina getting schooled by his mother Jamila. There are many instances where Jaffar is just watching and enjoying his mother’s wrath fall upon Zarina. Many a times, Jaffar mocks her after she gets a heavy dose of scolding from Jamila and repeats what his mother says. It is said that when adults talks, kids shouldn’t interfere. But Jaffar is far away from this rule of etiquette. He tends to interfere between Jamila and Zarina quite a lot.

3. He knows how to spark arguments

Aag lagana aur jale par namak chidkana are some of the specialities of Jaffar. One time, Zarina saved Jaffar from getting beaten up and as soon as they reached home, Jaffar complained to his mom that he was beaten up due to Zarina. When Zarina couldn’t buy bhindi with the money Jamila gave her, Jaffar purposefully acted like a crybaby in front of Jamila. When Jamila was scolding Zarina in front of Naseer, Jaffar tried to intervene and add more fuel to the fire.

4. Jaffar is uncaring

Jaisa maa…waisa beta! Even after all these, Zarina still respects Jamila and she keeps trying to impress her. The same goes for Jaffar. Even after everything he has done, Zarina cares for Jaffar and considers him as her little brother. She likes to play with him and tease him but Jaffar is just like his mother. He tends to ignore the love and care she shows him. He is also quite rude and has a negative aura.

This is why we believe that Jaffar can’t be trusted and Zarina should be careful of him. Which is the most annoying thing about Jaffar? Let us know in the comments section.

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