Tu Patang Main Dor 25 February 2021 Written Update: Surjan’s death devastates everyone

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February 24, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Tu Patang Main Dor, Aman and Zarina spend their first night dealing with their family, friends and their pranks. The next day, Zarina leaves with Surjan to buy some essentials. To her shock, a group of men shoot Surjan.

Watch what will happen next on Tu Patang Main Dor:

In the next episode of Tu Patang Main Dor, the group of men scurry away after shooting Surjan, while a shocked Zarina brings Surjan to the hospital. On learning about the incident, Aman and his family rush to the hospital, where Surjan lays in a critical condition. Before breathing his last, Surjan tells Aman to promise that he will always take care of Zarina.

Surjan’s death devastates everyone, and with a heavy heart, Aman performs his last rites. Later, during Surjan’s prayer meeting, Zarina spots Jagtaar and Raju and becomes convinced that they were amongst the group that shot Surjan.

Jagtaar tells Amrit to get Aman and Loveleen married, while a distressed Zarina confides in Aman and his family. Furious, Aman rushes to kill Jagtaar and Raju with a sword, but Zarina stops him and tells him to initiate legal action.

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