Tu Patang Main Dor 01 March 2021 Written Update: Amrit manipulates Aman against Zarina and Major Shoaib

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March 1, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Tu Patang Main Dor, Zarina tries to calm an enraged Aman. Later, the couple consoles Loveleen and the trio files a complaint against Jagtaar and Raju. Jagtaar and Raju get arrested when Zarina agrees to testify against them.

Watch what will happen next on Tu Patang Main Dor:

In the next episode of Tu Patang Main Dor, Loveleen spits at Jagtaar’s and Raju’s face and says that she should have been an orphan. Aman and Zarina console her and promise that her father and brother will get punished for killing Surjan. Later, Amrit puts Loveleen to sleep, while Aman pours his heart out to Zarina.

When Zarina goes to fetch water for Aman, she sees Major Shoaib struggling to dress his wounds and offers to help. Amrit manipulates the innocent situation and tries to plant a doubt in Aman’s mind about the duo’s relationship.

Upset, Aman calls Zarina, who returns to fetch medicines for Major Shoaib. Zarina tells Aman to understand her situation and leaves while Amrit returns and manipulates Aman’s insecurity.

The next morning, Aman sees Zarina sitting beside an ailing Major Shoaib and wakes her up. Later, he sees Zarina feeding food to Major Shoaib whose hand is gravely injured. While Zarina tells Aman to take Major Shoaib to the hospital, Aman puts up a tantrum.

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