Try Out This Anu Emmanuel Look For Your Saturday Night Party

The Naa Peru Surya Na Illu India actor is gorgeous. And she has an easy-to-do simple make-up routine. Follow these simple tips to nail her look

Promita Mukherjee

September 21, 2019


5 min


Anu Emmanuel doesn’t need much to look pretty. One look at her Instagram feed will tell you that the Naa Peru Surya Na Illu India star likes keeping things simple – whether out with friends or at an event. If you, like her, believe in simplicity too, look no further than the pretty actor for your Saturday night make-up tips. Try out this look. We have got you an easy step-by-step decode by hair and make-up stylist Swati Pandit Das. Read on for deets:

Step 1: Prepping

Clean your skin with a cleanser or face wash that best suits your skin. Use a moisturiser with SPF, massage it well for better absorption. Avoid oil-based products for moisturising so that your skin does not feel heavy. Take extra care of your under-eyes, because you don’t want your makeup to crinkle. Apply an eye cream which will help the make-up stay smooth. Last, but not least, apply a generous amount of lip balm, especially if you intend to use liquid matte lipsticks.

Step 2: Priming

A gel silicone primer does best for this look, as they are slightly thicker in consistency, helping you hold the make-up well. It will also help to smooth out any acne scars or large pores. Again, pay attention to the under-eye area to minimise creases.

anu emmanuel
Anu Emmanuel (Source: Instagram)

Step 3: Concealing

Now comes the time to cover up the spots, pigmentation, dark circles or any other marks you want to hide. First, apply a corrector for the required areas. For redness and acne, use green. For dark purple bruises, veins and undereye circles, use purple. Orange works for dark circles with darker skin tones. Pink is best for dark circles with lighter skin tones. Dab the corrector well so that it can seep in and stay. Then apply the concealer on top of the corrector, for an even skin tone.

Step 4: Foundation

Go for a foundation which is lightweight and illuminating. The lightweight feel will give it a natural look and the illuminating foundation will amp up the dewyness of your skin. Dabbing works best as the product seeps in and stays on the skin. After the foundation, buff some translucent powder on the face with a powder brush.

Step 5: The Eyes

Blend some translucent powder with a brush on the eyelid to prep them for eyeshadow. For the eyeshadow, pick a colour that looks soft on your skin. Warm browns and nudes go well with the Indian skin. Use a blending brush to smoothen the colour with your skin, you don’t want it to look patchy. Tightlining your eyes will make your eyes look more defined without putting on an eye liner. To do this, simply apply kajal on your upper and lower waterline. Complete it with mascara. Don’t forget your eyebrows! Use a colour powder that matches your hair and define it with an eyebrow brush.

Step 6: Cheeks

For the blush, use a shade of pink that best matches your natural skin tone. Especially for the summers and monsoon, using a crème-based blush will stay longer in spite of sweat and humidity, and also add a luminous effect. If not, a powder blush is just fine. Add the dewy look with a light, powder-based highlighter for your cheeks to glow, without too much shine.

Step 7: The Lips

Go for mauves, peaches, pinks or nudes with this look. Use a lip liner to define the shape of your lips, then apply the lip colour throughout. Your makeup for the dewy natural look is now complete!

For more make-up tips, check out Pooja Hegde’s look. Watch her in Duvvada Jagannatham on ZEE5.

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