Trump’s Fellow Republicans Advocate Acceptance Of Biden As President

Following the Capitol riots, believed to have been incited by outgoing president Donald Trump, many senators from his cabinet including Mitch McConnell and Josh Hawley said that accepting Biden’s victory is the right thing to do

Raghav N

January 11, 2021

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The riots at the Capitol building in Washington DC last week seems to have been the last straw of tolerance for even those who stood by Donald Trump till now. This was very evident in Congress joint session that followed soon after. The outgoing president’s public and constant rant about the credibility of the election results ever since he lost to Democrat rival Joe Biden is clearly not sitting well with his fellow Republicans any longer.

Days before the joint session at a rally near the White House, Trump had pressurized Vice-President Mike Pence to send the votes back to the battleground states to be recertified in a desperate attempt to stop Biden from coming to power. Pence however declared that he did not have the authority to challenge the electoral college votes and justified his decision as his duty towards the American constitution.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during the Senate debate on Arizona’s electoral results said that failing to certify the results and overruling what has been agreed upon by the states, courts and voters would lead to the damage of the republic forever.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley however stayed firm on his loyalty to Trump and continued to display his willingness to challenge the election results, earning the criticism of many fellow Republicans. Senator Mitt Romney, who was a presidential candidate in the 2012 elections condemned Hawley for supporting Trump’s unjustified and invalidated claims of a fraudulent election. Urging his colleagues and general supporters to show respect, he asked for Biden’s victory to be accepted gracefully.

In his short four-year term, this will be the second time if Trump’s impeachment is initiated in the house.

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