Trump Dodges Question At Townhall On Undergoing COVID Test Before First Debate

Donald Trump was elusive when he was questioned on whether he underwent a COVID19 test before his first debate with Joe Biden, just two days post which the former tested positive

Raghav N

October 16, 2020

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With a fortnight to go for the United States presidential elections, both the contenders, President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden appeared in separate townhall events on Thursday. Both the sessions were televised by different media channels. This was held after the second round of debate was cancelled.

Trump was quizzed on a series of topics at the event held in Miami including his COVID management. On being asked if he took a COVID19 test on the day he appeared for the first presidential debate with Biden, he was evasive with his answer. He said he took the test very often but couldn’t remember if he did on the day of the face off. Trump had tested positive for the infection just two days after the telecast. The Commission on Presidential Debates had asked both the aspirants to take the test before appearing together.

The second-term aspiring US President was also grilled on his tax returns, his resistance to denounce white supremacy and his choice of the Supreme Court Judge nomination. He said that he wanted to see a brilliant jurist replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which is why he nominated Amy Coney Barrett.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden attended a townhall event in Philadelphia where he criticized the US Government under Trump’s leadership for its mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic. He said that despite the president being infected himself, he still refused to boost his efforts towards the health crisis.

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