Trump And American Health Body Share Conflicting Timelines For COVID19 Vaccine

While Donald Trump said a Corona vaccine will be there by late October 2020, CDC Director said there is no vaccine till mid-2021

Raghav N

September 18, 2020

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Just a month ahead of the elections, United States President Donald Trump is employing every measure to get a second term. Trump has now tied the vaccine launch to his election calendar and claimed that a safe and effective COVID19 immunization will be available for Americans by mid or late October this year.

This announcement ended up creating more confusion around the vaccine timeline as American Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Director, Robert Redfield presented a different story. During his congressional testimony to the Appropriations Committee, Redfield said that an inoculation for the general public will be available only in the second or third quarter of 2021.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke about the contradicting statements and said that he trusts the vaccine and the scientists but not Donald Trump. The former vice president of America also stated that Trump is politicizing Coronavirus.

According to health experts, a COVID19 vaccine will hit the market sooner or later, but the real challenge lies in the mass distribution to the country’s population.

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