Trinayani’s Ashika Gopal Padukone annoying her fellow actor Nagraj is an adorable sight!

Trinayani’s Ashika Padukone shares a BTS video, having a gala time with her co-actors! Check it out.

Bhavna Gandikota

May 8, 2021


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Trinayani starring Ashika Gopal Padukone as Nayani and Chandu Gowda as Vishal also stars Anil Chowhdary as Nagraj. The show is popular for the various adventures that the characters go on, unexpectedly. While the show is full of ups and downs that Nayani has to go through, off-screen, she could not be having more fun with her co-stars. These glimpses from between the shoots will make you want to join them too!

Watch the spoiler for the next episode of Trinayani right here!

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Recently, on a busy working day, when the actress got a breather between the shots, she decided to get with one of her co-actors Anil and lip-synced to a  dialogue. The fact that she kept asking questions after questions, seemed to have annoyed Anil, as they recreated the scene perfectly. It sure seems like a shoot day is fun for the actors no matter what is going on in the lives of their on-screen avatars.

Catch the Instagram post right here!

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Would you ever imagine Tilottama pairing up with Hasini and Nayani, and dancing her time away? It seems unbelievable, but anything can happen between the shots.  Ashika posted a video with Vishnu Priya who plays Hasini, and Jayaram Pavithra who plays the vamp Tilotamma, as they had a gala time while shaking a leg.

Catch the Instagram post right here!

We would love to see Nayani and Tilottama dance like this on-screen, but it doesn’t seem like that would be a possibility soon. However, these glimpses of behind the scenes, make us equally happy!

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