Trinayani: Vishal might soon find out Gangadhar’s true identity

As Nayani shows Vishal his childhood photo that she got from Gangadhar, we think that Vishal will find out who he actually is!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 11, 2021



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Viewers of the popular Telugu TV show Trianayani starring Ashika Gopal Padukone as Nayani and Chandu Gowda as Vishal are getting more engaged with each passing episode. One of the main reasons for this is the arrival of Gangadhar. While viewers might not fully know who he is, we know that he has a connection with Vishal’s family. We can also guess that he means no harm to them and is only there to reveal some things that Vishal might not know.

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As Nayani brings out a childhood picture of Vishal and tells him that Gangaiah gave it to her, Vishal gets curious about who Gangadhar really is.  For anyone who knows Vishal, once he starts suspecting things, it takes him no time to get to the bottom of it. Just the same way, he found out about Jasmine’s true colours when he was about to get married to her.
Another reason why we think he will find out about Gangadhar is that he is extremely intuitive, just like Nayani. He might not have her vision but he almost instantly gets a feeling when she is in trouble. He might be able to channel his intuitive abilities which will lead him to how Gangadhar is related to his family.
Gangadhar and Nayani in Trinayani
Source: ZEE5
Nayani is also Vishal’s biggest strength and has always helped him with the visions she has gotten. It might also be a matter of time before she gets a vision about Gangadhar and shares it with Vishal. Vishal can instantly connect the dots being the smart person that he is and, get to the bottom of who Gangadhar is. Moreover, what is revealed might even put an end to the miseries that Tilottama puts them through.
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