Trinayani: There are little chances of Jasmine getting caught, here’s why

Trinayani’s Jasmine might be hated by all but we think that getting to her will be a little more difficult than you would think.

Bhavna Gandikota

February 23, 2021



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The supernatural drama series Trinayani starring Ashika Padukone as Nayani and Chandu Gowda as Vishal has given us one of the most iconic vamps in the form of Jasmine. While we are not huge fans of how she treats Nayani, and want her to get caught soon, we have reasons to believe that it will not be easy to catch her and for her to be proven guilty.

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One of the major reasons for this is that Jasmine is spontaneous and thinks on her feet. When she saw that someone had found the box of her poisonous powder, she instantly disowned it and saved herself from getting caught. She also comes up with ways to defend herself or not be caught when she is put in the spot.

She is smarter than it seems and the proof for this lies in the fact that she comes up with the most unsuspecting ways to get rid of her target. Take for example how she came up with the idea of poisoning Jagdish with some powder that has not been traced back to her yet. Even though the police got involved, they cannot seem to decipher who could be behind it.

Jasmine in Trinayani (Source: ZEE5)

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Jasmine plans things very meticulously and yet shapes her plans according to how the circumstances are. She does not take too long to come up with a master plan, and all her traps so far have been proof of the same. She plans things with great details and takes everything into account before she starts executing them.

Jasmine’s quality of being able to think on her feet and also adapt to the circumstances gives her an edge over everyone else. Needless to say, she is also one of the smartest people from the Trinayani universe, arguably, even more than Nayani or Vishal at times. It is this quality of hers that makes it really fun for us to watch her on-screen, Don’t you agree?

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