Trinayani: Here’s why Vishal should choose Nayani over Jasmine any day

Nayini from Trinayani has to be the best-suited wife for Vishal and she has proven it again!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 20, 2021



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One of the most considerate and kind people from the universe of Trinayani has to be Nayani. She does everything she can to keep the people around her safe, even if they hate her. While the world thinks her vision is a curse, she uses it as a boon for others. It genuinely makes her a better human being than everyone else.

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She would also make for a better wife to Vishal than Jasmine, and there are quite a few reasons for it. When Vishal gets admitted to the hospital, Nayani reaches there as soon as she can and is heartbroken. Meanwhile, Jasmine pretends to cry and locks herself in a room, so that people think she cares for Vishal. All Jasmine wants is to marry Vishal for selfish reasons while Nayani could go to any lengths to keep him safe.

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Vishal resented her at first, yet she chose to marry him only to keep him safe. Nayani chose to be in an unloving relationship only for the wellbeing of her better half while Jasmine would do anything to get everyone’s sympathy. She didn’t even bother going to the hospital to see Vishal till it seemed crucial. All of this tells us that Vishal can never find a better companion than Nayani who will stay with him like a rock through thick and thin, no matter how bad the situation gets.

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