Top 5 Games Of The Week on PLAY5: Fierce Shot And 4 Other Exciting Games That Are Trending

Fierce Shot, Meow Meow Life, Bubble Block Breaker and other games you have to try on ZEE5 this week.

Tanvi Rumale

April 1, 2021



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Holi weekend just got over and Good Friday is all set to give kids another long weekend! In this free time, children can play amazing games on ZEE5 and keep themselves engaged! From racing games to sports games to even word games, the ZEE5 gaming section has a great game for every kind of gamer! Last year, ZEE5 collaborated with Gameloft to bring the ultimate go-to site for fun games for children that are sure to keep them hooked! Keeping in mind the same, here are the top five games that have been trending this week!

Fierce shot

Source: ZEE5

This game is for football lovers! The game makes you choose a football team and then makes you score goals for your team. The player competes with many countries as the game progresses. With graphics and the sound imitating life and easy instruction, you can be a fierce player in no time! A fun game to de-stress and enjoy some football, Fierce shot is number one on the trending games list currently!

Nitro Street Run 2

Source: ZEE5

A racing game, Nitro Street Run 2 is the second version of the famous game, Asphalt Nitro Run car racing game. This version comes with better competitions and bigger rivals and gives the previous users a new and more enriching experience of the game! If you’re into racing and think you’re competitive enough, go play it today!

Castle of Magic

Source: ZEE5

If you’re an adventure seeker, Castle of Magic is the game for you. Two friends discover a treasure chest that leads them to a castle that is filled with magic at every turn! Think of labyrinths, mystical creatures and dangers at every door! It reminds us of Hogwarts and other fantasy worlds.

Meow Meow Life

Source: ZEE5

A simple and understated game with adorable graphics, Meow Meow Life will be your favourite if you want a pet or love cats! It quite literally follows the life of a cat and all the things a cat does. You get to scratch the cat’s ears and make her go around the house! You get points as and when you get your cat to be happier!

Bubble Block Breaker

Source: ZEE5

Very similar to brick-breaker games, Bubble Block Breaker is a game that shoots bubbles and the more bubbles you shoot, the more points you get! The graphics are extremely adorable and make the whole experience very lively and wholesome. The game sounds are also just as exciting and sweet which really enhance the experience!

Which one are you excited to try?

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