Top 20 Instagram Accounts To Follow in 2021

It serves as the first indigenous company in the field, and it has been making waves, not just in the community but in the world. With the conversion of over 2 million pounds of seaweed each year, Algas Organics helps the Carribean rid invasive plants, thus helping it boost its tourism.

February 19, 2021


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We have yet to unveil and witness what this year has in store for us. The end of 2020 signalled the end of many things. Unfortunately, our long-standing battle with COVID-19 has caused many to submit and retract from further pursuing their careers. Nations are still crippled by the health crisis but some individuals stand tall amid this. These are the ones we ought to look toward. Even in the face of a faceless and unprecedented adversity, they have chosen to stick to their values and flexibly work their way around the crisis and emerge victorious. Here are the top 20 Instagram accounts that we need to follow in 2021:

Top 20 Instagram Accounts To Follow in 2021


Known as one of the biggest rock bands in the world, MUSE is a trio rock band that began in Teignmouth, Devon. Guitarist/vocalist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme, and drummer Dominic Howard, at the young ages of 13, began to form their band, naming it Gothic Plague then Fixed Penalty then Rocket Baby Dolls. In 1997, the band debuted with the name MUSE and released their first self-named EP. It was followed by Muscle Museum EP in 1998 and their album Showbiz in 1999. 

Alesya Kafelnikova, Russian Instagram Influencer Poses Naked on an Endangered Sumatran Elephant in Bali, Sparks Outrage After Video Goes Viral

By the turn of the century, MUSE did not just make buzz within the music industry but was making waves, topping charts after charts. In February 2016, the group received a Grammy award for Best Rock Album. Today, MUSE continues to write songs and play for millions of its fans and avid listeners.

Instagram: @muse

  1. Nicki Minaj

Originally from Spain, Onika Tanya Maraj, more prominently known as Nicki Minaj, was born on December 8, 1982. Having been raised in New York City, she grew up in a rough family environment with a father who used to struggle with addiction. During her high school years, she tapped into her talent and honed her singing and acting abilities. She was then discovered by the CEO of Young Money. It was only a matter of time before her rapping skills would catch the attention of Lil Wayne. Today, Nicki Minaj has already released three platinum-selling studio albums—Pink Friday, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and The Pinkprint

Instagram: @nickiminaj

  1. Travis Scott

Born on April 30, 1992, Jacques Bermon Webster, more prominently known as Travis Scott, has been making waves in the music industry with his artistry. Aside from his rapping skills, this American singer is also known for his works as a songwriter and a record producer. The artist signed his first major-label contract in 2012 with Epic Records. His single, “Sicko Mode,” made it to the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018. In 2020, he became the first artist on the Hot 100 to have three songs debut at number one in less than a year. To date, he has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards. 

Instagram: @travisscott

  1. Marcela Iglesias

Since dipping her toes into the entrepreneurial realm in Hollywood, publicly-known mogul Marcela Iglesias has been making headlines with her stunning features and unyielding determination. Twenty years ago, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Hollywood” came to Los Angeles with nothing but high ambitions and faith in oneself. Born in Argentina, this empowered woman has proven that stark and humble beginnings can lead to an abundant life. More than just a pretty face, she pounded the pavement with her creative flair and remarkable vision. 

Today, Marcela stands at the helm of The Plastics of Hollywood, a revolutionary beauty brand and Edgecross-X Fitness. Marcela has many projects in the making and also she encourages her audience to believe in themselves and create their own destiny. 

Instagram: @marcelaiglesiashollywood


  1. Rupal Srivastava

Rupal Srivastava, Indian by origin and settled in the United States, is a parenting blogger behind Totally MOM-Sense. Rupal started the blog a few years back, to share her life as a new mom with her brand new baby girl while living in a very cold city in Western NY. The blog led Rupal to discover her true passion in helping moms around the world to make their motherhood life easier.

Totally MOM-Sense is a parenting platform, where moms can find unlimited resources to keep their kids engaged as well as teach them important life skills, find helpful motivation toward being a happy mom, and a lot more resources to enjoy happy family life! 

The idea for the blog hit her while she was still working full-time as a mechanical research engineer back in Jan 2018. The blog has been featured on Influencive, Medium, Thrive global, NY Weekly, Kivo Daily, and many more platforms. 

Rupal has collaborated with more than 100+ major educational, entertainment, parenting and lifestyle brands like Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, NY529 to name a few. In the past three years, the blog has touched thousands of moms globally with over 100,000+ social media following.

Instagram: @totallymom_sense


  1. Sean Conn

Sean Jones, aka Sean Conn, is a 5-time Guinness World Record holder (Rapathon) and an award-winning artist who has created his own video game, Quest For The Golden Mics.

Sean is from Queens, New York. He fell in love with hip-hop and started writing rhymes at the age of 15, honing his skill for a few years before attempting to display his talent to the world. Sean’s other interests are video games and comic books, and he decided to merge them all together by creating his own video game where he is the main character. His current single Vigga Vibez went viral on Spotify.

Instagram: @seanconn00


  1. David Chen

David Chen is an entrepreneur and innovator. He started his career at Deloitte where he became a partner and founded the Chinese Services Group and Koren Services Group. He is the current managing partner at GTIF Capital and has established a partnership with MediaBundance. Chen is an investor in Faze Clan, who put together a Super Bowl commercial with them. In addition to that, Chen is a President of The North American Collegiate League. David currently sits on 8 boards and will be teaching at SMU and ACGREEN esports foundation on esports. Chen has the Number 1 Podcast Pandanomics rated by NY Weekly.

He also is the creator and host of esports newest hit channel “NACL knows all” with Katie Scott and Daniel Sozomenu on ReachTV & Replay on ISunTV with Gabe Castro and Newt Huynh, totaling viewership in 34 countries, including China, Korea, and Europe. 

Chen is also an educator and an instructor at esports with The AC Green Esports Academy, Southern Methodist University, capstone project in Lambton College, and on the Board of Directors for his Alma Motter Radford School in El Paso, Texas. 

Instagram: @davidchenpanda


  1. Tony Mandeville

Tony Mandeville is a musical artist and fitness model based out of Kirkland, Washington. He continues to grow his musical presence under his independent music label Mandeville Records, which recently just released his new single “Come Together.”

Instagram: @tonymandeville

  1. Nicholas Proffer

Nick Proffer is a serial entrepreneur who started young with the classic lemonade stand. At 28 years old, he has proven that circumstances don’t define your success. He has built 2 successful online businesses and has a true passion for helping people.

Instagram: @jetsetnick


  1. Tito Tahan

Tito Tahan is an American multi-platinum producer, sync licensing expert, entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker. Tito gained popularity for his music production in TV and films viewed on BET, MTV, VH1, OWN, HBO, Lionsgate, etc. He advises musicians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, helping them navigate successfully through their industry by utilizing professional and personal development programs focused in creativity, marketing, and business. Tito Tahan has been featured in Yahoo, FOX, CBS, NBC, Market Watch, Disrupt, Ask, and other top-tier publications.

This Full Sail University (FSU) graduate speaks multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Arabic. Being a first-generation American of Peruvian and Puerto Rican descent, he continues to rep where he grew up: Lorain and Cleveland, Ohio. He recently started his own record label, ProducerLife, and signed his first artist, Little Bandjo, set to release early to mid 2021. Being a former A&R, Tito is no stranger to developing, nurturing, and producing new talent properly. With Tito’s multifaceted skill set, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a diverse range of content, from entertainment to technology and from business to lifestyle. With 11K followers he’s just getting started and we’ll love to see what he accomplishes this year. Coming in at number #10, @TitoTahan is definitely an Instagram account to follow in 2021. 

Instagram: @titotahan

Twitter: @titotahan


  1. Chuck Starr

Chuck Starr is a singer-songwriter-entertainer, from Columbus Ohio. Chuck cut his teeth performing on an international level with Carnival Cruise Lines and Holland America Cruise Lines. He became well-known for his vibrant on-stage persona and he has brought this infectious energy and positive vibes to anyone that he met.

Chuck has been gaining momentum from his uplifting and energetic pop-number “Dance Wit Me.” It has helped open the door for his new song and video that will be released on all social media platforms on Feb 26th entitled “Love Math.” Make sure to be ahead of the wave and go follow Chuck Starr.

Instagram: @chuckstarrmusic


  1. Jordan Nancarrow

Actor and Content Creator Jordan Nancarrow is quite the interesting one, judging off his IG feed. It takes one to know one, and most certainly, he is one to look out for as he is on the rise to stardom. Most importantly, it’s just fun to live through this guy who’s both joyful and inspiring to watch. 

Think about a mixture between Will Smith’s personality and Jay Shetty’s mentalityunique. In many ways, Jordan is the perfect social media sensation people are needing in this digital age, so if one’s looking for an account that can bring light into life and a laugh during the down days, Jordan’s the one to seek.

Instagram: @jaynancarrow


  1. Seyed “Master Jeff” Jafar Jafari

Nothing in this world is greater than finding the way to a life of happiness and sharing it with those who may need it too. Seyed Jafari, known to his peers as Master Jeff, spent decades looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle around the globe and experienced it with more than 100,000 people. Jafar Jafari gathered vital knowledge and put it together to unlock the secret of human superpowers that are born with us and learn how to take control of them to allow people to go into what he calls “The Champion Zone” whenever or wherever they need it to.

Seyed “Master Jeff” Jafar Jafari creates an atmosphere for students to experience all human senses and reach to the level where people feel what champions feel when they are in the zone for a short period. The company he founded, PSC Academy, Inc., is proud to carry this amazing philosophy of success course and spread this unique and only one-time chance to those who have a desire to discover their inner superpower and their real face.

Instagram: @masterjeffofficial


  1. Dr. Monica Patel

Dr. Monica Patel is a quadruple board-certified cardiologist who has spent her entire career serving the Houston community. She has pursued academic medicine since 2010 at the McGovern Medical School and is also the co-program director of the cardiology fellowship and is heavily invested in the training process of future cardiologists.

 As an associate professor, her primary focus is in prevention of cardiovascular disease and in advanced cardiovascular imaging, including echocardiography, vascular imaging, nuclear imaging, and cardiac PET scans. 

In June 2012, she joined the PET center as a co-investigator of the CENTURY Health Study, which is aimed at the prevention or reversal of coronary heart disease by intense combined pharmacologic and lifestyle treatment. Dr. Patel remains committed to lifelong learning and strives to use her platform to promote health and well-being for all. 

Instagram: @dr.monica_patel

  1. Jaylin Prewitt

Jaylin is a Forex trader that learns and educates in IM Mastery Academy. On top of being a trader within the academy, he is also a network marketer as well. Jaylin currently has a business of over 200 individuals in his business. 

The Forex trader-turned-serial-entrepreneur has great investing skills and has become a part owner of a small percentage of Hot Head Burritos & Rapid Fire Pizza. Basketball has always been a part of Jaylin’s life, from being a former pro to now a part minority owner of one of the top professional basketball organizations in Montenegro. The sports organization is expected to soon be in Europe Club Basket Strsljen. The 27-year-old entrepreneur also has more in store and hopes to impact a lot of people’s lives.


  1. Cooli Highh

Cooli Highh is an up-and-coming artist from San Diego, CA. Cooli is pumped up to make this year a big blast for his career, aiming to be one of the top ten artists in Arkansas and California. His music is influenced by artists who Cooli looks up to, like Curren$y, ATCQ, Andre 3000, Jay Z, Fab, Juelz Santana, Jimmi Hendrix, The Rap Goats. Last March 17, 2021 his project Road to Fame was released. And he intends to release more projects this year! 

During his free time, Cooli also does his podcast #TheHighhLife, voice acting, comedy skits, and loves Mexican food. Cooli is also the only known artist who was kidnapped, burned alive, left to die, and survived. 

Instagram: @thecoolihighh 

  1. Connor Stewart

Connor Stewart is a singer, songwriter, audio engineer, actor, model, arts manager, and events planner. He is a recent graduate of Texas Christian University (TCU) with a major in music and a minor in arts leadership and entrepreneurship. He has performed and managed events ranging from pop concerts to opera. Connor Stewart busies himself at the DuMaine Street Studios in Mansfield, Texas, as he prepares for an EP set to be released sometime this year, with songs like “Ignited” and “Domino.” 

Connor will also release a song for Valentine’s Week, “SunKiss.” The song was written by Connor, produced and arranged by James DuMaine, and features the vocals of Connor and Megan De La Torre. The song is about waiting for the ‘sun kiss,’ which is a metaphor of waiting for someone you will love and who’ll turn your world upside down.

“I had this experience when I started watching all my friends get in long-term relationships and I felt like I was never going to find it. I then thought to myself what it would be to actually find it. This song is pure positivity and feels like being touched by the Sun,” Connor said.

Instagram: @cjstewartmusic

  1. King Princess

King Princess, a gay and genderqueer artist, is someone who deserve the spotlight this year. With a natural talent for singing-songwriting, King Princess, born Mikael Straus, started her career at an early age. She’s released several songs like “Hit the Black,” “1950,” “Ain’t Together,” and many more. Her debut album, Cheap Queen, which dropped in 2019 catapulted her career to new heights. 

King Princess has worked with artists like Mark Ronson and has been influenced by her musical inspirations like Beyoncé, Dolly Parton, Perfume Genius, and Nick Cave.

Instagram: @kingprincess69


  1. Arum Kang

Arum Kang is the founder of Coffee Meets Bagel, a company established in 2012 and has been growing to become a global leader in the dating servicing industry. With over 2.5 billion introductions made since its inception, Coffee Meets Bagel is a go-to company for women who want to create meaningful connections with others. Founder and CEO Arum Kang said that she wants her company to be women-centered and empowering. According to Kang, she sees Coffee Meets Bagel as a way for women to create their dating destinies.

Instagram: @coffeemeetsbagel


  1. Johanan Dujon

Johanan Dujon is the CEO of Algas Organics, an agriculture biotech firm in the Carribean. It serves as the first indigenous company in the field, and it has been making waves, not just in the community but in the world. With the conversion of over 2 million pounds of seaweed each year, Algas Organics helps the Carribean rid invasive plants, thus helping it boost its tourism. 

The seaweed is converted into organic fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides that help farmers grow their crops. The company earned more than $2 million last year.

Instagram: @algasorganics

Twitter: @algasorganics


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