Tom Hiddleston reveals why Chris Hemsworth, instead of him, played Thor in the MCU

Tom Hiddleston has mastered the role of Loki in MCU. However, in a new video, he revealed how he, along with Christ Hemsworth, was also a choice for the portrayal of God of Thunder.


September 25, 2021


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MCU fans addictively love the charismatic duo of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston partnering as Thor and Loki in the greatest cinematic universe of all time. The God of Thunder accompanied by his notorious adopted brother, God of Mischief, have been hit in all of their appearances, with the latter getting his own OTT series.
However, the recent revelations by Tom Hiddleston have made fans scratch their heads to imagine what if he would have been Thor on the big screen.

The revelations
In a recent video, Tom Hiddleston provides the backdrop of his character in the MCU. However, his statements about the casting of Thor’s character has surprised fans.
As per Tom, the selection between him and Chris Hemsworth, for the portrayal of Thor, was made on gym stunts.
He explained that a board in the stunt gym, a place that was set as a criterion for selection of character of Thor in the first movie, which had Tom and Chris’ name divided parallel to the list of various activities.
As per Tom, while Chris had his time written against various activities which included a mix of 100 pull-ups, 100 pushups, 1000 metres on the rowing machine and 100 squats time to time, he found the activities quite difficult to perform, as he failed to go past 15 pull-ups.
Thus, the 40-year-old actor proved how the God of Thunder was selected on the basis of Mjolnir wielding biceps and not just worthiness.
The Loki of MCU also revealed that it is the result of fewer responsibilities on the shoulders of his characters added by more freedom, which allows him to make fun of Thor, the future King of Asgard.

The secret behind Chris Hemsworth aka Thor’s humongous arms

However, a more responsible god and presumed King of Asgard, Thor finds not much freedom, thus restricting him from giving Loki a taste of his own medicines.

After the massive commercial success and positive reviews of LOKI (web series), Tom Hiddleston will be reprising his role as God of Mischief in the second season of his standalone web series. However, his return to the Thor franchise will not be happening anytime soon as the actor hasn’t been in the cast of next year scheduled Thor: Love and Thunder.

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