Tokyo Olympics: COVID-19 Leads to Japanese Cities Cancelling Plans of Hosting International Teams

Various towns and cities in Japan have ditched their plans of hosting international teams participating in the Tokyo Olympics this year.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

April 30, 2021

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The Olympics is set to be held in Japan this year. However, various parts of Japan are now withdrawing their decisions to host teams of other countries in their towns and cities, due to their fear of the coronavirus infection. In fact, the western town of Okuizumo decided against hosting the Indian Hockey Team for the Tokyo Olympics, during the preparation of which they had initially spent almost 5 million dollars.

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The fear and threat of the COVID-19 spread have now led to various Japanese cities backing out of hosting international teams participating in the Tokyo Olympics this year. Although Okuizumo spent 5 million dollars for the welcoming preparations of the Indian Hockey Team, it recently scrapped the plans of doing so. The town pulled out of its decision once it became evident how it would have to take several biosecurity measures and conduct regular testing as well.

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Over 500 municipalities had initially agreed to host officials and teams from across the globe for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which was with the intent of broadening the merits of Olympics beyond Tokyo. While certain cities are backing out of these hosting plans, others are preparing to take the required safety measures before welcoming the respective teams. Another Japanese city, Kurihara has now found that the expense of hosting the South African Hockey Team is no longer worth the limitations that COVID-19 implicates.

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Not only have these Japanese cities and towns cancelled their plans of hosting international teams, but certain participating teams have also cancelled their training plans in Japan. The Australian Swimming Team skipped its original plans of training in Nagaoka, Japan, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics this year. Also cancelling the plans of training in Okaya, Japan is the Canadian Table Tennis team.

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