TMIJ: This Women’s Day We Salute Mahi For Being A True Feminist, Fighting Patriarchy, Breaking Stereotypes And More

Whether it’s beating up the goons or driving a taxi, here’s a list of the incidents where Mahi challenged society’s rules and impressed us with her vigour.

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March 2, 2021


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Zee ladies have always been powerful examples of independent individualistic women. They’ve been dainty yet fierce, feminine yet strong. They’ve proved it time and again that once a woman sets her heart at something, there is nothing that can stop her from achieving it. Adding to the list of these incredible women is Mahi(Amandeep Sidhu) from Teri Meri Ikk Jindri. Her strong and feisty personality is one of the many reasons why we admire her and seek inspiration from.

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Feminism is all about equal rights. It’s about a woman’s freedom to live her life as she sees fit without being suppressed by patriarchy. And that’s exactly what we see Mahi following in Teri Meri Ikk Jindri. Ahead of International Women’s Day, check out Mahi’s various #ShadesOfFeminism.

Heroic Entry

Our hearts definitely skipped a beat when we saw the beautiful Mahi for the first time. As she made a heroic entry while riding a bike, she instantly left a great first impression on our hearts.

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Challenging Patriarchy

Mahi, who is the first female taxi driver in her town, has geared up to challenge patriarchy in her own family, starting with her own profession. Despite the constant clashes between her and her misogynistic brother-in-law, she turned her passion into her profession and drives around customers in her very own MIG 21.

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Mahi proved her efficiency when her taxi broke down midway due to a punctured tire and she decided to fix the problem on her own instead of asking for help. This inspiring incident also went viral when her awestruck passenger made a video of hers changing the tire.

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Empathetic Towards The Oppressed

Mahi impressed us with empathy and bravery when she stood up for Jogi’s mom and grandmother, as they were being accused of theft and were being humiliated by a rich snobbish lady in a clothing boutique. She not only proved their innocence but also made the arrogant lady apologize.

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A Girl’s Honour

Mahi definitely earned our respect with the way she talked about a girl’s honour when her Chunni was taken by the biker goon sent by her brother in law to harass her. She was seen saying that a girl’s honour isn’t so fragile to be affected by the loss of a chunni or someone’s taunts. She also added that a girl’s worth isn’t decided by a piece of clothing but by the girl herself.

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Blackmail No More

Mahi inspired us with her #MahiWay of dealing with things when she took it upon herself to deal with the mess created after her best friend’s ex-boyfriend tried to blackmail them with an intimate video. Instead of being petrified of the situation, she planned to turn it against the blackmailer himself by shooting his video and making it viral.

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Mahi To The Rescue

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’s Mahi is no damsel in distress! It was certainly an epic moment when Jogi was tied up by the goons and Mahi came to his rescue. This tigress beat up two goons on her own and saved Jogi all by herself, and all we could do was applaud!

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Mahi with her #ShadesOfFeminism is the epitome of women power. Whether it’s her caring nature or her fighter’s spirit, we’re in love with the kind of woman she is.

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