Tips All Parents Can Learn From Snehlata Vasaikar To Keep Their Kids Busy During Lockdown

Alimili Gupchili host Snehlata Vasaikar shared some crucial tips with fans during a live chat on Facebook.

Ankita Tiwari

April 16, 2020


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Snehlata Vasaikar’s role as Sambhaji’s stepmother Soyarabai in Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji starring Amol Kolhe and Prajakta Gaikwad gained her a lot of appreciation. Post the show’s end the actress was seen as a host of the reality chat show Alimili Gupchili with Bhago Mohan Pyare’s Atul Parchure. Currently, Snehalata is practicing social-distancing like her other counterparts from the Marathi industry, amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Most fans may already know that Snehlata is a fitness freak as well as an artist. She is using her free time in maintaining her health and following her hobbies. She is often seen posting her works of art like wall-paintings and her fitness videos on social media.

Want to see Snehlata as Soyarabai in Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji? Watch her in the episode below.

The actress recently conducted a live chat on Zee Marathi’s official Facebook handle. Snehlata came online with her daughter Shaurya who was also seen in Alimili Gupchili once. The mother-daughter duo entertained the audience with their bouts of laughter, funny antics and shared how they keep themselves busy during the quarantine! Here are five revelations made by this adorable duo.

1. Playing games: Shaurya shared that her mother plays games like carrom, Uno, and badminton with her and also encourages her to pursue dancing and skipping.

2. Snehalata is missing Alimili Gupchili: Snehlata said that she is terribly missing Alimili Gupchili as the show connected her to kids and they too loved watching the serial. In fact, her daughter Shaurya still loves watching reruns of the show.

3. Snehlata discusses what she cooks during the lockdown: Snehlata said that on one of the days, she baked a cake and made pancakes for her daughter. She also made palak dosa and pav bhaji for her. Snehlata added that for dinner, she likes to have lighter meals like khichdi.

4. How Snehlata and Shaurya keep themselves entertained: The mother-daughter duo added that they often indulge in art and craft. Shaurya also showed an origami bunny that the two had created. Additionally, Shaurya recited the tongue twisters that Snehlata had taught her.

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"पालकत्व", "parenting" हा विषय तसा खूपच कठीण. त्याहून कठीण या अभ्यासक्रमातले अध्याय…. उदाहरणार्थ: *बाळाची जडणघडण * त्यांचा आहार त्यांचा विचार त्याचं राहणीमान * त्यांच्या सवयी *सृजनशीलता ,आत्मविश्वास, सहनशीलता, आत्मनिर्भरता, परिवर्तनशील, निस्वार्थी, निडर, स्वयंशिस्त, दयाळू, क्षमाशील असणं हे सगळे गुण आपल्या मुलांमध्ये कसे येतील यासाठी प्रयत्न करणे * त्यांच्या इच्छा-आकांक्षा पूर्ण करणे असे असंख्य आणि काळानुरूप वाढत जाणारे अध्याय… हे सगळं शिकवत असताना कधी पालकांचा तोल सुटतो, कधी कंटाळा येतो, कधी राग येतो, कधी चिडचिड होते, पण पुन्हा जाणीव होते पालकत्वाची! या विषयाचा अभ्यास काही संपत नाही पण परीक्षा मात्र प्रत्येक वाटेवर असते आणि मुलं परीक्षेत अनुत्तीर्ण झाली तर मार्क पालकांचे कमी होतात कारण मुलं या विषयाचा अभ्यास करताना, "पालक सांगतात ते ऐकत नाही तर पालक वागतात ते बघतात, ते आत्मसात करतात" आणि परीक्षेला सामोरे जातात त्यामुळे या विषयाचा अभ्यास हा आपण पालकांनी सगळ्यात आधी करणं महत्वाचं!! माझ्याकडून सगळ्या पालकांना parenting exam साठी खूप खूप शुभेच्छा! Happy parents day!!

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5. Snehlata’s message to parents with small children: Snehlata shared that it is a tough time for kids with their schools and classes shut. She also added that she is finding ways to keep Shaurya indulged in games that stimulate her mind.

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