Tiki Taka: 5 Reasons To Watch The Parambrata Chattopadhyay Comedy Film

A family entertainment that is rooted in the Eastern culture of West Bengal. Here is why you must watch Tiki Taka!

Ankita Tiwari

September 1, 2020


2 min


ZEE5’s upcoming comedy film Tiki Taka has been adapted from the Bengali original film ‘Khelechi Ajguba’. The film’s name sounds weird because it is the name of one of the main characters in the film! Khelechi is a footballer who has come to Bengal from his hometown in Africa. He has come to meet PK, one of the mafias based in West Bengal. He meets a cab driver Raju who helps him in his quest to find PK. The African footballer has a big secret that unravels towards the end making the film a comedy of errors! Here are a few reasons why you must not miss the film!

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1. Entertainment: Tiki Taka is a comedy film that takes us through a story woven with exceptional dialogues and comic scenes. Raju and Khelechi’s friendship and the way they scurry across the streets of Bengal is something that will make one laugh heartily.

2. Family Drama: Tiki Taka is a film that one can watch with the entire family. You can also bake some popcorn and laugh with your fam jam as Khelechi reveals his secret!

3. Knowledge: The film has lessons, very important ones! It teaches how to manage in a foreign city with no one you know. It also shows how courage is important and can make you win!

4. Exceptional star cast: The film has Parambrata, Ritabhari and other phenomenal actors. These actors make the film lively and worth a watch.

5. The Bengali culture: The film shows us how Bengalis pray, eat and this lively culture rooted in the east of India must be known to the entire world!

Tiki Taka will soon release on ZEE5. Until then you can binge-watch other films and ZEE5 originals here.

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