#Throwback2019: 7 Most Shocking Plot Twists From Our Favorite AndTV Shows

Ashutosh Oak

January 21, 2020


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1. Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain: Vibhuti Discovers That He Is The Prince Of Jhingurpur

Vibhuti is s tired of being called a nulla, so he visits a temple to pray for a better life. Meanwhile, Saxena comes across a stranger clad in royal attire and starts talking to him. He discovers that the man is a loyal servant to the royal family. The latter spots Vibhuti at the temple and rushes to tell him, that he is the rightful king of a lost kingdom. Vidbhuti is asked to live like a king for a week, before officially claiming the throne. 

2. Happu Ki Ultan Paltan: Rajesh Becomes An Inspector

Happu keeps on taunting Rajesh for being lazy. The latter requests the commissioner to find her a job, as she wishes to prove herself as a dedicated and hard-working woman. The commissioner gets irked and ends up suspending Happu while appointing Rajesh as an inspector. 

3. Main Bhi Ardhangini: Mahamaya's Death

After the show took a leap, viewers assumed Mahamaya to be invincible, given the mystical powers that helped her become immortal. She attained these by capturing Chitra and transferring the powers to herself. But a plot twist caught us off guard when Mahamaya was killed within seconds, by a villain, Vikrant. 

4. Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki: Badal Strikes A Deal With Poojan Pandey

And TV’s romantic drama Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki told the tale of a boy and a girl, who indulged in a relationship, despite hailing from different economic backgrounds. The most shocking twist in the show involved Badal being offered a deal by Poojan. The latter bribed him to walk out of Suman’s life. Badal accepted the offer, as he had to pay the medical bills for his father’s operation.

5. Daayan: Janhavi Finds Out That Asha Is The Real Daayan!

Daayan proved to be one of the most thrilling shows on And TV. Viewers were taken aback when it was revealed that Asha, the househelp, was the real Daayan. Along with this, we also discovered that her child Aakarsh shared his mother’s powers. 

6. Paramavatar Shri Krishna: Kansa Gets Killed By Radha

When Krishna killed Kansa, we assumed that evil has been defeated, once and for all.  But little did we know that Kansa had saved a part of his soul in hell so that he can take birth again. It is revealed that Kansa could do so, as he had already anticipated Krishna killing him. The latter goes to destroy the soul of Kansa but gets into trouble. Acharya informs  Radha about the same and she finishes Krishna’s task for him.

7. Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Mishri's Entry

The show sheds light on the practice of vasectomy and has recently taken a leap. One of the most interesting twists that it presented was by introducing Mishri, as Akhilesh and Ira’s daughter.

Which has been your favorite plot twist among these? Let us know in the comments section below.

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