Throwback: When Lisa Kudrow Talked About Her Hard Days Before She Was Cast In Friends

In this throwback video from 2010, Lisa Kudrow talks about success, failure, and how she landed the role of Phoebe in Friends.

Vatsal Thakore

June 2, 2021

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American actress Lisa Kudrow gained worldwide popularity after starring as Phoebe, one of the six main characters, in the ever-popular sitcom Friends. Just like the sitcom, all six of its lead actors became international sensations, and Lisa Kudrow’s character, Phoebe, got a separate fanbase for her quirks and qualities. But do you know that Lisa Kudrow landed this iconic role after seeing a lot of hard days? Read here to know more about it.

In 2010, Lisa Kudrow gave a speech in which she talked about how she landed the role of Phoebe in Friends. After the release of Friends Reunion on ZEE5, the inspirational speech has surfaced again. In the speech, Lisa Kudrow talks about how she was fired from the show Frasier, which was a hit back then, and how tough life became for her. She also shared that despite the tough times, she was coping well with everything back then.

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Later in the speech, Lisa Kudrow also speaks about how people’s twenties are uncertain times, when they are still trying to figure out their path for the rest of their lives and how she coped with her twenties. She said, “When one door closes, another door always opens. It really does. That’s what I would tell myself to keep those moments of doubts, only moments. And it worked, I kept going. Then it all changed. After many auditions, I was the second person cast in the pilot called ‘Friends Like Us,’ which would later be changed to ‘Friends.’”

Lisa concluded her speech with how that firing from Frasier, which seemed so harsh, worked out for the best for her.

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