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Throwback To The Time When Raveena Tandon Had A Double Celebration Because Of Husband Anil Thadani, Deets Inside


November 4, 2021

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As we celebrate the special occasion of Diwali, let’s look back at the time when Raveena Tandon got a sweet surprise from Anil Thadani. This surprised the actress in a sweet way

In 2003, Raveena Tandon’s birthday coincided with the festival of Diwali which is on October 26. The same day little did Raveena know that her whole life is going to change forever in the best and sweetest way possible by Anil Thandani who’s her husband.

Talking about how Anil had planned his proposal on Diwali, Raveena had told in an interview In 2003, it fell on her birthday. With the help of her parents, Anil (Thadani, her husband) planned a wonderful surprise for Raveena. Everyone at home, except for her, knew that Anil had already taken my parents’ blessings, and informed his parents as well, of his intention to propose to her that evening. So, after the Lakshmi Puja, and the aarti, Raveena saw Anil’s parents walk in. That surprised me a bit, but before she could figure anything out, he went down on one knee. As both sets of parents watched, he asked her to be his wife. She was so happy that she was in tears. That was definitely her best birthday and Diwali.

Raveena had also shared how she, along with her cousins, would make a Raavan effigy and burn it on Diwali as a kid. When she was small, all of the kids would get together in their compound to play Ram Leela. She has introduced her children to the same tradition. Every year during Diwali, they make a Ravan outside our house. It’s like a total arts and crafts session. All the kids get together to make the Ravan effigy and on Diwali night, other kids come over with their parents and they burn the effigy of Ravan.

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Anil and Raveena tied the knot on February 22, 2004, in a lavish wedding ceremony in Udaipur. The two are parents to daughter Rasha and son Ranbir. Raveena also has two adopted daughters: Chhaya and Pooja and is already a grandmother to their kids.

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