Throwback Thursday: What happens when Trisha and Sonali are intoxicated in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay?

Trisha and Shonali’s intoxicated antics are too funny to not catch up on – will help you get rid of some midweek blues too!

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 21, 2021


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Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay stars Krushal Ahuja as Karna and Swastika Dutta as Radhika in lead roles. Karna and Radhika have been dealing with the oddest of turbulences at home that Payel, Trisha, Shonali and Joy have thrown their way. However, in the meanwhile, some hilarious things have also taken place in the household such as Trisha and Shonali’s intoxicated late-night antics.

Watch what will happen next on Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay here:

Recently, Payel and Trisha conspired against Radhika and Karna to get Karna to marry Trisha. In the process of this, Trisha was seen preparing for a date night with Karna. According to the instructions by Karna, Radhika decided to spike her milkshake but Shonali drank it all. So when she made further servings of the same drink for both of them, they happily gulped them down, which led them to be extremely intoxicated.

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What followed next was a rib-tickling episode of Sonali and Trisha being all over the places as they laughed uncontrollably, frowned, shouted, teared up and what not? As we looked at the two clueless women and how Radhika was trying her best to not burst out laughing, we couldn’t help our own chuckles.

As Karna entered the house, he was greeted with loud singing and party whistles by Shonali and Trisha, who had truckloads of makeup on their faces. And even the all-time straight-faced Krushal could not help but crack up at their madness and hilarious faces. Vibrant, haphazardly put makeup made them look like absolute clowns, as opposed to their usual evil-ish looks.

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While Radhika and Karna discussed the intoxication overdose that took place, the cartoon-like duo nagged Radhika for more milkshake just like kids do. After getting them some more of it, Radhika, along with Karna, was shocked to hear what Shonali had to say about Joy. She accidentally revealed that Joy was always around and watching them constantly. Eventually, when Trisha did not believe her, Shonali simply gave away the fact that there was a camera in that living room, which Joy was using to keep a watch on the family members at all times.

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This was also a good example of what happens when people cross certain limits of intoxication. Although in the process of this, Shonali caused major damage to Joy’s plans, their craziness gave us some good laughs. Their faces and complete switch-up of character was fun to witness!

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