Throwback Thursday: Take a look at Samyuktha’s best moments while in Vritham in Pookalam Varavayi

We all loved watching Abhimanyu carry Samyuktha over the ember to complete her rituals putting an end to her Vritham, on Pookalam Varavayi. Here are some of the best moments from her time in saffron clothes.

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January 28, 2021



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All the viewers of Pookalam Varavayi were rooting for Samyuktha completing the rituals despite Saudamini’s constant plans to sabotage it. With all the love and help from Abhimanyu, Samyuktha finished the rituals successfully and put a smile on all our faces. Even when she was put through some of the evil efforts of people around, we were left charmed by Samyuktha’s attitude. From the moment she donned the saffron clothes and Rudraksha, she owned up to the role and played it out comfortably. Right from the start to the day she finished her rituals, here are some of Samyuktha’s best moments while in Vritham.

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Covered in saffron and ash

It was a series of bad events that lead to Samyuktha’s decision to don the role of a Saadhvi. Surprising everyone watching, she came home wearing saffron and covered in ash. However, it was even more surprising to watch Abhimanyu being totally supportive of her decision and accepting his better-half’s new persona. Also, it was hard to not notice how well Samyuktha looked even in these simplest of looks.

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The determined devotee

Samyuktha chose to take up the Vritham and accepted all the challenges that came with it. We can’t applaud enough over how much she tested herself in this period and succeeded. Instead of finding easy ways out at most things, she applied herself completely. This was more visible when Saudamini kept on bringing up new ways to test Samyuktha. Instead of finding excuses or asking for reasons, she simply accepted all the rituals that had to be done and did it with full commitment.

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When eyes spoke

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Even when Samyuktha was following her Vritham, Abhimanyu never failed to remind us of how much he has fallen for her. In what was one of the cutest scenes, Abhimanyu spotted Samyuktha at the balcony and he couldn’t take his eyes of her. Samyuktha, who acknowledged this, played along. While the couple talked about being mad at each other, their minds were narrating how much the other meant to them. Samyuktha is thrown off by Abhi’s love for her and her blushed face says it all.

The walk over fire

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Samyuktha was pushed against the corner when Saudamini found ways to include a walk over ember in the rituals. Samyuktha, who was already exhausted from the rituals she did earlier, had no chance of completing the walk over the ember. It is then that Abhimanyu decided to step up for his partner and did the walk himself. It was utmost fulfilling to watch Abhi carry a tired Samyuktha over the ember and help her complete the Vritham.

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