Throwback Thursday: Remember the time when Alli taught Vavachan a lesson in Alliyambal?

Vavachan gets a befitting reply for his sleazy comments on Alli. Scroll to read more!

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September 10, 2020


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Malayalam serial Alliyambal tells the story of Alli, a school teacher who falls in love with Devan. Even though she is strong-willed and independent, Alli suffers a lot due to her family’s financial difficulties. Even though she is struggling to repay her loan, Alli takes it as a challenge and uses it as motivation to work harder. One of the best scenes that explained Alli’s strong will was when Vavachan, a local moneylender stopped her on her way from work.

Missed out on this intense scene between Vavachan and Alli on Alliyambal? Watch it here:

Known for his political connections and affluence, Vavachan is someone who usually gets away with what he wants. Vavachan meets Alli on her way back from school and starts making vulgar comments on her. He tells her that he will pay her loan if she is willing to get in the car with him. Alli yells at him about respect and tells him that she doesn’t need his favours to get by.

Vavachan's comments disturb Alli (source:ZEE5)
Vavachan’s comments disturb Alli (source: ZEE5)

Alli also warns him that the next time, she will be slapping him for his comments whatever be the situation. Even though Alli is dating Devan who is a martial arts instructor, she decides to deal with Vavachan on her own. Devan assumes that Alli is mad at him for something and tries to figure out a solution. Alli rejects Devan’s offer to help as she doesn’t want anyone to fight her battles.

Alli gives a befitting reply to Vavachan (source:ZEE5)
Alli gives a befitting reply to Vavachan (source: ZEE5)

Alli’s argument with Vavachan becomes a bigger dispute when Devan gets involved in the situation. Devan lashes out at Vavachan the next day for speaking ill of Alli and warns him to not do it again. In turn, Vavachan takes revenge by flooding Devan’s paddy field with saltwater. See what happens next on the Malayalam serial Alliyambal streaming now on ZEE5 collections!

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