Throwback Thursday: How Alo first met Chhaya when they were kids

We take you back to the time that these best friends first met. How did they react to each other?


August 13, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Alo Chhaya, the lead characters Alo (played by Debadrita Basu) and Chhaya (played by Oindrila Bose) are best friends who are just like sisters. They grew up together and now, no matter what may come, Alo continues to look out for Chhaya and always has her best interests at heart, despite coming off as interfering and overprotective at times. Their bond goes all the way back to their childhood, when Alo and Chhaya were only little kids!

Watch the episode from Alo Chhaya where Alo and Chhaya first met:

Alo first came into Chhaya’s life when Chhaya’s mother, who is also Alo’s aunt, brought her home from the orphanage one day. Alo had lost both her parents not long ago and missed them dreadfully, but Chhaya’s mother was determined to make her niece feel comfortable and provide for her in every way possible. However, she was a bit apprehensive about whether Chhaya would accept her or not, and with good reason!

Alo Chhaya
Source: ZEE5

Initially, Chhaya was reluctant to share her space and belongings with Alo. She refused to let her into her room and later, got jealous when she saw her mother giving Alo some of her old clothes. However, she soon came around when she saw how hurt Alo looked but how polite she was, and offered her her things herself. In turn, when Alo saw that Chhaya struggled with her studies, she was glad to help her out.

Alo Chhaya
Source: ZEE5

The night of her arrival, Alo woke up after experiencing night terrors. When Chhaya heard her from the next room, she rushed to her aid. The two became fast friends despite having very different personalities and backgrounds, and the rest is history!

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