Throwback Thursday: Have you seen this picture of Chiranjeevi and Sai Dharam Tej?

This throwback Thursday, take some time out and enjoy watching quality films that are bestowed upon us by the Mega family heroes, Chiranjeevi and Sai Dharam Tej.

Sneha Bale

September 3, 2020


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We couldn’t let your Thursday be covered in the midweek blues. That’s why we found some adorable pictures that will make you believe that time really flies. This week, we throwback to some pictures of the Mega family of Tollywood. All thanks to young and dashing actor Sai Dharam Tej who shared pictures with his favourite uncles on his social media page. You will surely smile wide and broad after seeing them. If that’s not all, we’ve curated a list of films that will make sure you bid adieu to all your woes.

Watch the trailer of Bruce Lee: The Fighter here:

Recently, Sai Dharam shared a picture of himself standing next to Mega Star and his dearest mamayya, Chiranjeevi. Megastar takes a good look at his nephew while the young Mr Panja smiles sheepishly at the camera.

Chiranjeevi and Sai Dharam Tej
Chiranjeevi and Sai Dharam Tej (Source: Instagram)

And here’s another picture that the young actor shared with us recently. It shows a little toddler dressed in a pink outfit, once again, as uncle Pawan Kalyan locks the baby between his feet. Power Star himself looks like a teenager in this picture, sleeping next to a soft toy.

Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej
Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej (Source: Instagram)

Now, check out our suggestion for you!

Checkout Pawan Kalyan‘s films on ZEE5 here. What’s your favourite from the list? Tell us in the comments section below. If you’re in the mood for a binge-watch session, check out Tharun Bhasckar directorial ZEE5 original, B Tech.

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