Thousands Gather In Paris To Pay Tribute To Beheaded Teacher

Samuel Patty was executed on Friday in an alleged revenge crime after he shared cartoons of Prophet Mohammad with his students earlier this month

Raghav N

October 19, 2020

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As the French police made their 11th arrest following history teacher Samuel Patty’s brutal murder on Friday, lakhs of people came out to the streets across France to express solidarity and protest against such atrocities.

The 47-year-old educator was beheaded in the suburbs near Paris. Patty had reportedly shared some cartoon images of Prophet Mohammad about a month back with his class students. His initiative to celebrate freedom of expression earned him the wrath of many people from the religious community including some parents, which is what is believed to have led to his subsequent killing. One of the detained individuals is the father of a student of Patty. The teacher’s assassin was shot soon after the gruesome incident.

Demonstrators at the Place De La Republique in Paris gathered to challenge the perpetrators of such blasphemous crimes while holding banners supporting the slain teacher. Hashtags like #jesuisprof which means’ I am a teacher’ are trending as a part of the uprising. The teaching community was out in full force demanding for justice for their deceased colleague.

This is not the first instance of faith intolerance in the European country. In 2015, two Al-Qaeda terrorist brothers entered the French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo’s office building, killing 12 people and injuring another 11. Following this, more than 3.7 million people gathered across the nation in a rally of national unity.

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