This Video Of A Dog Saving A Lil Puppy From Drowning Is Simply Adorable- Watch!

This video of a dog saving a little puppy from drowning in a swimming pool has gone viral and is made it to the top of trending videos over social media.

Vatsal Thakore

April 25, 2021

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Dogs are one of the most loved species of animals in the world. People can’t help but love them for their cuteness, loyalty, and the feeling of companionship that they share with humans. But besides these factors, whenever people see a video of dogs displaying their smartness and bravery, they do not fail to express their love for dogs and make the video go viral on the internet. Recently, one such video of a dog displaying its bravery became viral after catching people’s attention.

The video is of a domestic swimming pool in a house and seems to have been captured via the security camera or the CCTV camera of the house. In the video, a little white puppy is seen accidentally falling into the swimming pool, and struggling to keep itself from drowning. With no signs of humans nearby, we see it trying hard to keep itself afloat. Soon, an older, black dog reaches the spot and seems like it also panics seeing its friend almost drowning in the pool.

This bigger black dog then begins barking to try to catch the attention of humans, if any nearby. When it realises no one is able to hear it, it proceeds to help the little pup by itself. The black dog catches the little one in its jaws and pulls it out of the swimming pool, hence, saving it from drowning.

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This viral dog video has been seen and shared by thousands of people. They have been sharing the video on their social media handles, praising the dog for its bravery and quick thinking, and talking about how dogs have more empathy and courage than some humans.

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